Weakness Girl Sexy Secrets

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Many men who often lack confidence to approach a beautiful girl and sexy. Most guys have a sense of confidence when you do not want to declare his love for the beautiful and sexy girls. Yes, because they are worried and afraid of being rejected or dicuekin, and embarrassed if it happens, because it can be sii guy dropped the price themselves. Cook does really rejection and dicuekin girl?

And if the boys knew the weakness of the sexy and beautiful girls bohay it, well ... guaranteed to be a guy who is confident half-life deh ...

Ok, I explain how exactly that is in the mind BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and this SECTION:

1. He was also very much hope the attention of the guys around him. It can be observed from the style that was deliberately contrived to attract the attention of boys. If not a single guy's attention, he would feel real deh really cranky.

2. If already managed to attract young boys to be interested after seeing her, then the girl pretending to play hard. The goal is let the guy more and more tempting to him, and kepikiran continue to carry a dream. But if it turns out the guy not even dare or not to continue the approach, ensured the girl would be disappointed and mentally went down due to captivate a guy acting failed miserably. Though he originally hoped tuh guy really still struggling to get him.

3. Beautiful and sexy girls actually do not need a guy that handsome, cool, or athletic six pack. That girl just needs a guy who has a GOOD and WONDERFUL PERSONALITY, namely whether the boy had a private car, private homes, private villas, private deposits and other things owned privately. hehehe

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