How to cope with ulcer

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Maag is one of stomach illnesses suffered by many people. Sometimes people underestimate the disease because they think heartburn is a mild disease, in fact whatever the illness is detrimental to health, if left unchecked and not preventable disease was likely to be severe, such as chronic gastritis or chronic stomach, because the disease is essentially attacking the stomach. Symptoms are nausea, stomach feels sore and bloated. There are many ways to cope with these ulcers, can also take advantage of natural ingredients such as avocado. But here instead of avocado fruit to be used but the seeds of avocado ersebut. How do I use the avocado seed?

     Wash the avocado seeds with boiled water.
     Grated avocado seed.
     Grated avocado seed that has been mixed with 100 CC of boiled water
     Strain grated avocado seed and throw it away, take the juice just enough to drink.

Ulcers are not severe enough to drink 1 a day, for a severe ulcer is recommended to drink 2 times a day until healed.
besides that, other things to note are:
* Eat regularly and Get used to eating a healthy diet. Like, eating on time, do not leave an empty stomach in the long term, do not eat in a hurry.
* Note the balanced composition between fat, carbohydrate and protein.
* Hinadari foods that can irritate the stomach like, spicy, sour, alcohol, cigarettes and aspirin.
* Consuming foods that are soft and gentle.
* Eat although only a little but often, do not let stomach to be empty.
* Avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.
* Stress is a trigger for increased stomach acid, then avoid.
* Fix lifestyle in a way to maintain weight, adequate rest and exercise regularly.

Hopefully useful ...

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