Sleep, Prevent Premature Aging

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Sleep is a process that is essential for humans, because in sleep there is a process of recovery, the process is beneficial to restore the person's condition in its original state, thus, the body that had been experiencing fatigue will become fresh again.
If this process is inhibited, the body organs can not work with the maximum, resulting in less people will get tired and sleep decreased concentration, not only that, there are other things more dangerous, lack of sleep will cause the aging process can occur more quickly.

Hormone Somatropin is a hormone that very important role to retard the aging process, and this hormone can be produced when sleeping. Hormone Somatropin work for the regeneration of cells. When a person is having sleep schedule disorder, these hormones can not be produced either as a result of regeneration of cells is inhibited, whereas without regeneration, the cells that die will not be replaced, selpun work will be hampered.
If the work inhibited cells, a variety of metabolic body also will not be going well. So that people who sleep less parents will be faster, sooner or later will happen setback function on various organs of the body, its manifestations, may develop a variety of diseases.
Sleep quality also needs to be a concern, the quality does not depend on the number, but depends on meeting the body's need for sleep. Each person takes a different bed, there is a need for about 10 hours, some are just 6 hours, sleep duration dependent individuals, and which can measure is ourselves. But according to the rules of health, sleep needs for children is 8 to 10 hours, whereas for adults takes 6 to 8 hours.
Indicators of inadequate sleep time is the condition of your body when you wake up, if you feel refreshed after waking up, it means we've had enough sleep, if the body still feels sluggish when getting out of bed means sleep is still lacking.
That's why it is important to meet the need for sleep, do not ever cut sleep time for any reason, you should schedule daily sleep better regulated in order to get adequate rest periods.
If time has not been sleeping too well fulfilled, it is important to consume antioxidants. In addition to helping prevent the aging process, antioxidants are also useful to increase endurance.
Body healthy and fresh is everyone's dream, therefore, is important for you to keep your sleep. Make sure you get sufficient sleep every day. Because with a fresh condition, we can perform the activity better.

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