Surefire way to overcome insomnia

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DISEASE The most annoying when tired, after tossing the bones until late at night, it is difficult to sleep or insomnia. Tired body, mind lousy, but the eye condition was also faltering. The various styles have been tried, the results remain futile. And tomorrow should be ready to return to work.
Sleep is useful for the recovery of body tissue tired and broken. Lack of sleep will cause the turnover of cells, including red blood cells, disrupted, resulting in decreased cell numbers. Serious impact that usually happens is the decline in productivity. Besides often sleepy during the day, people with insomnia or trouble sleeping, are often unable to give consideration to address the problem, be

sensitive personal, easily disturbed, even by little things. Insomnia can occur for many reasons, and therefore required a variety of efforts to mitigate them.
1. Avoid napping habits, especially if excessive, because it will reduce the time to sleep at night.
2. Nighttime is not the time to drink caffeinated beverages, especially accompanied by smoking. Caffeine can boost heart rate, making sprightly, forcing the eye to awake. While nicotine is neurostimulan a "hold up" the brain to not break. To be easy to sleep, coffee addicts should spend his last cup before 3 o'clock in the evening. For smokers, cigarettes last try a maximum of three hours before bedtime.
3. Stay away from alcohol. Although in mild doses alkoho ldapat relaxing, take a deep sleep, but this material can make people addicted. Do not use it anymore so there will be just the opposite effect is maintained. On the other hand, alcohol is also deplete B vitamins support the nervous system.
4. Choose the time of exercise in the evening, avoid doing this at night. Exercise will cause the adrenaline pumping, causing people to be awake.
5. Get used to relax, one with a reading light reading before bed.
6. Drinking warm milk.Milk is rich in acidic aminotriptofan. Increased levels of tryptophan in the brain will have an impact on increasing the production of serotonin, which makes the mind becomes relaxed, and provoke the onset of drowsiness.
7. Lettuce juice.Lettuce is useful in the treatment of insomnia because substances called lectucarium cause drowsiness. Bakhru is mentioned in "FoodsThat Heal: The Natural Way To Good Health", these elements have the same effect, as a sedative, together with opium, but without causing excessive stimulation. The way its consumer, according to Culpepper, old-fashioned British herbalist, with a mix of lettuce juice and rose flower oil, and then sorted on the forehead and temples. Another way is by drinking boiled water the seeds.
8. Drops of lavender. Dr. Bud Rickhi, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary sertadirektur "The Research Centre for Alternative Medicine", based on the results of his research, suggested lavender for treating insomnia. Lavender is a plant that can affect the nervous system, increases alpha wave activity in the brain and make the body more relaxed. How to use was fairly simple, just to shed a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow before going to bed, then enjoy the fragrant scent.

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