Video Software for Linux

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  • VLC
You often hear his name? of course, these applications are quite often used and many are making the application "must have". Because, basically, VLC is equipped with plenty of features, supports almost all video file formats, and audio settings are complete. Lightweight and easy to use, is the main reason these applications are sought.

  • AcidRip
AcidRip is a simple application that works for copying DVD to video files in digital form, with codecs such as XviD, x264, MPEG, and many more types of codecs that can be processed. Within this application you can specify the file size, audio settings, quality, cropping, etc..

  • Avidemux
One excellent video editing application. Avidemux can be used to provide a filter on the video, audio and video maipulasi dangat carefully, combine VOB, kengkombinasikan video, and features other video editing.

  • DVD:: RIP
Similarly AcidRip reliable in the manufacture of digital video through the DVD, DVD:: RIP is also very good at dealing with the process of converting the ISO or VOB files. The steps in this application is very easy and fast, simply by loading the file, select the video settings to be generated, and DVD:: RIP will start work immediately.

  • Gnome Subtitles
Edit, add and manipulate subtitles on a video is the main skill of this free software video processing.

  • Iriverter
irivirter quite simple and can be used to convert the videos for a wide range of portable video devices, such as the Creative Vision M and iRiver players. Single and batch conversions can be handled properly.

  • Wink
Free video processing application that can generate a video screencasts, you can choose as your companion application when creating video tutorials and presentations. Several complementary features are also very helpful and functional.

  • XBMC Media Center
Ever heard of this application? XBMC had won several peghargaan, media center with multiple platforms. This application is very tough on Ubuntu. Entirety of this application is very interesting and high quality, even the best can be said for the quality of a media player that can organize and play videos, music and photos, including preview and album covers.


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