Water treatment

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God has given us plenty of water and free. Without spending money for medicines, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor salary, etc..Only drink water, the disease can be cured below.You will not believe before doing so. Below is a list of diseases that can be cured by this therapy:HeadacheAsthmaHosthortobicsHigh BloodBronchitisDiabetesAnemiaTBLungsEye DiseaseRheumatismEncephalitisParalyzed

Kidney StonesIrregular MenstruationObesityUrethral DiseasesLeukaemiaInflammation / Joint PainExcess Uric AcidCancer PeranakanMucus membrane inflammationDiarrheaBreast CancerCardiac DisordersDysenteryLaryngitisDrunk, Dizzy, giddyHemorrhoidConstipationCough
How It Works Drinking Water?
Drinking plain water with the correct method, purifying the human body. It makes the colon work more effectively by forming new blood, in medical terms is known as aematopaises. That mucousal fold in the colon and small intestine are activated by this method, an incontrovertible fact,like the theory that new fresh blood is produced by mucousal fold. If the colon is clean, then the nutrition of food eaten several times a day will be absorbed and to work mucousal fold, nutritional food is converted into new blood.
Blood is the most important thing in curing disease and maintaining health, and therefore the water should be consumed regularly.
How Do Water Therapy is this?
In the morning when you just got up (without even brushing your teeth first) drink 1.5 liters of water, ie 5 to 6 cups. Better water is mixed in advance as much as 1.5 liters. Know that our ancestors called this therapy as "Usha paana chikitsa".
After that you can wash your face. It is very important to note that do not drink or eat anything one hour before and after drinking 1.5 liters of water. It has also been examined carefully that should not drink alcoholic beverages the night before. If necessary, use boiled water or filtered water.
Is it possible to drink 1.5 liters water at once?
For starters, it may be difficult to drink 1.5 liters of water at once, but will gradually get used to it. At first, when the exercise, you may drink four glasses first and the remaining 2 cups drunk two minutes later. Initially you will urinate 2 to 3 times in one hour, but after a while, going back to normal. According to the research and experience, the following diseases known to be cured with this therapy, in a time such as those listed below:
Constipation - 1 DayLung TB - 3 MonthsDiabetes - 7 DaysUric acid - 2 DaysBlood Pressure - 4 WeeksCancer - 4 Weeks
Note:It is recommended that people with arthritis / joint pain and rheumatism implement this therapy three times a day, ie morning, noon, and night one hour before meals, for one week, then twice daily until healed.
We plead with you, the above method to read and practiced carefully. Luaskanlah Spread this message to friends, relatives and neighbors as this is a dedication to humanity. With the grace of God, every person should lead a healthy life

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