What is Framework?

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To understand what a framework, perhaps the following illustration will sendikit help us to understand what the framework.
Agus is a freelance programmer. He just graduated from college and looking for work. After looking here and there through his website and then get the order making the project website. With pleasure she was doing the project.
He designed the system and do the coding from scratch, so it's quite draining.
Finally, the project is completed and the client happy with her work. Honor received substantial. Then the client is willing to recommend it if there are other companies that want to create a website. Mission complete.

Two weeks later, another company with the request to order the manufacture website features similar to the previous buyer. Immediate course of the project was accepted and he did.
Agus re-look at the source code on its first project, edit the parts that need and use it on a second project, so the project this time he managed to do it more quickly than the first project.
In making the project a second website, Agus realize that there is baigan perogram parts that usually have to always be there to be used, for example, the code to connect to MySql database, create pagination to display data, or email. Thus, Agus create a collection of program code that can at times he used when he need it. So they can save energy and time in working on a website.
What do Agus was the forerunner of a framework, resulting in very simple terms, the framework can be defined as a collection or a collection of pieces arranged program or organized in such a way that can be used to help create complete applications without having to make all of its code from scratch .
In my experience, developed a program created by others is more difficult than making the program from scratch, because every programmer has style / different styles in programming (create program), more severe style adopted by most programmers is the style of 'direct beat ', no documentation and no comments / statements in the program
Imagine if we had to develop such a program again!? Let's say that we will be adding new modules or features, not to mention if you have to fix bugs and error, of course we must master the style programmingnya programmer. Unfortunately again, most of the program is protected / hidden so as not easy dimodifiksi, and some even use any encryption, curly brain can develop such a program, preferably made from scratch to use our own style of programming.
Looking at the phenomenon, many companies are requiring the programmer to master the framework, the fact can be seen through a programmer job, mediated both print and online mediated. The reason is obvious, with the framework, programmingnya style is determined by the rules of the framework, so it can no longer make a program with its own style. Because in general, the system of contract programmers in companies, so turn overnya level is high enough (mutually programmer is commonplace in companies).
Well if the program were developed use the framework, then whoever the programmer, so long as he mastered the framework, then certainly in prgoram could develop such a young age, because the style has been homogenized by the rules of the program framework, up here I think it is quite clearly one of the usefulness of the framework.
In simple terms can be explained that the framework is a collection of functions (libraries), so a programmer does not need to make these functions (usually referred to a collection of library) from the beginning, programmer living collection of library or function call that already exists in framerwork, of course, how to use the function- function was determined by the framework. Some examples of standard functions that are available in a framework is the function of paging, encryption, email, SEO, session, security, calendar, language, image manipulation, graphics, zebra-style tables, validation, upload, captcha, protection against XSS (XSS filtering), template, compression, XML and others.
Currently, many PHP-based framework, including the most popular is the Zend Framework, Symphony, Prado, CakePHP, CodeIgniter (this is my favorite) and others.
According to some surveys, CodeIgniter is the easiest framework to learn, because its structure and completeness of documentation keserhanaan good. In addition, the neatness of code (clean and healthy code) and a slim size makes it more quickly accessible than the other framework.
Keep in mind almost (maybe even all) of the framework uses the same concept in building an application, yaitukonsep MVC (Model View Controller). In conclusion, if we understand the MVC, it is largely already mastered kigta framework, any type of frameworknya. And one more key, an understanding of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) will be very helpful in mastering the framework.

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