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Understanding Globalization

Today the world is undergoing a process often referred to as globalization of people, process worldwide due to advances in science and technology, especially in telecommunications and transportation. Globalization resulted in people no longer view themselves as citizens of a country only, but also as world citizens. He no longer considered true values ​​that have been adopted by the village community, city, province, or nation, but have begun to compare with the values ​​he learned from other nations. The work was, he no longer saw the country as a place to make a living, but he extended his views to all regions of the world as a land where he was making a living. It could be said that globalization is a process of spread of alien cultures into all blood / region. Thus all the cultures of foreign countries will enter our country.

Impact of Globalization
There are two perceived effects of globalization, namely the effects of positive and negative effects. Positive impact, for example, the more easily we get information from the outside so you can help us find new alternatives in an attempt to solve the problems we face. (For example, through the Internet we can now search for information from around the world without having to spend lots of money as before. Similarly, in terms of manpower, funds, and goods). In the field of economics, free trade between countries means more open world markets for our products, either in the form of goods or services (labor). While the negative effects of foreign cultures is contrary to the norms that exist in our country go without a screening process (filtration), the entry of information that we do not need or even destructive to the values ​​which we profess. For example, cultural affairs brought about by the films Italy through the TV, the pictures or videos of porn in through the Internet, magazines, or CD ROM, entry-schools of different political ideology than political ideology that we embrace, and so on. in economics, free trade also means the opening of our domestic market for goods and services from other nations.

The impact of globalization for Muslims in Indonesia
In relation to Muslims in Indonesia, the negative impact of the most obvious is the clash of alien values, which entered through a variety of ways, with the values ​​of the religion professed by the majority of our nation. Considering the Islam religion is a religion based on law (shari'a), then it would be quite a clash of value in the field of Shariah feel this. The globalization of information has made our people know the practice of law (particularly family law) in other countries, especially in the developed countries, which is partly similar and partly different from Islamic law. Which again is more feared that globalization can marusak faith / trust a person against his Lord.

Result of the influx of foreign culture into our country which corrupts the nation's next generations that most of them do not have a strong cultural filters, so they tend to accept all cultures regardless of whether such is good or bad. real form of the negative effects of globalization is the current students that has changed is not the same either in behavior, courtesy to parents, obedience in carrying out the religious orders, appearances, goals in school, and other things changed drastically.
Anxiety in the middle of the times (the era of globalization) days of the generation who are not ready to play in future tasks. Symptoms were evident from the many generations of educated people become involved developers of non-science attitudes such as the tendency for things mystical, paranormal, pedukunan, mastering genie power, culture lucah, free sex, free sex, addiction ectacy (XTC), becomes impressions loyal consumers of pornography (VCD, the Internet, booklets, magazines), in the midst of developing science and technology.
Precise picture of the ideal student is successful in acquiring knowledge as stock later life and how he was able to position itself according to the place and position of each in various dimensions of life. So that its presence has a contribution that is expected in the immediate surroundings. Actually, globalization is having a major influence on the development of primary education among students. Basically, with the advancement of technology today is one form of real progress in the global era. Technological developments which should be exploited fully in order to increase our knowledge and ability in the use of IT in everyday life, just for some students misused us.
The future is determined by the people who have the power of the dominant culture. So with the followers terbanyaklah culture that can survive in the era of globalization. Pioneer generation of indigenous culture should be established in the era of globalization, to donate all his thoughts. Generation who excel in science alone is not enough, but a generation who believe kepad Lord; that can withstand the onslaught of globalization. Pioneer generation of Excellence will be measured in the community with knowledge and understanding (identification) problems faced by the people, with equalization leads to regeneration (fracture grows missing switch). These advantages in accompanied with the ability penswadayaan opportunities. The importance of the pioneer generation grow into the relevance of looking at the future demands of religion. Strong generation of the influence of globalization should be prepared now to grow a generation of solid and has not been contaminated by a foreign culture, it all depends on how we can strengthen his faith in God. So faith is one of the most important things to avoid the generation of a negative foreign culture.

Definition of Faith
Faith means believing in the language. While the term, Faith is believing in the existence of Almighty God who is believed to be from the heart of the most deep, pronounced by the tongue, and pointed with his work all perintahn. So faith is not enough if only spoken through the mouth alone, but must be believed to be from the heart of the most deep and shown with deeds like what you are commanded by God. The benefits of faith we may shy away from wicked deeds (bad) because we will always feel watched by God, so it will discourage our bad intentions.

The Role of Faith in the midst of globalization
Someone who does not believe in the existence of God, surely he would be proud if it managed to achieve something. He felt that what had dicpainya it's all because of business he did, not because the will of God Almighty. Arrogant, will be bad for her social influence. His friends will be away from her so that she feels stressed and way of thinking began manuju toward the negative, for example, seeking an outlet for all the problems caused by his own actions, for example, to drugs, alcohol, and others. Especially with the negative influence of foreign culture from the outside, of course, would accelerate his entry into the dangers of the world. If we have faith in God and willing to obey all His commandments and His laarangan away, we would certainly think that what we have achieved this, all thanks to God Almighty, we are aware without the will of God this will not happen, so we will be spared of the arrogant nature, and kept away from danger Duni as I mentioned above. So here Faith serves as a controller (stabilizator).
Globalization means the entry of foreign cultures into our country. Of particular concern is the effect of the negative consequences brought about by foreign cultures. We know how the lives of people in the west of the "free", which would be bad if it gets into our country. Especially if it is imitated by the nation's next generation, the direction our country is certainly more objective and unclear digress. The average person who got into a negative foreign culture are the ones who perceived low keimananya to God, this could be our logic if the person feels his faith in God is high then he will certainly think twice to accept foreign cultures, whether good or bad influence. faith in the Almighty God so very important role in maintaining human morality of actions that harm themselves and others.

It is true that our faith in God Almighty is an important thing that can lead us to the right path, and keep us away from bad things. globalization really make one's faith weakened, one example in clothes. The Muslim women tend to mimic the way people dress western dress semi-finished (spit genitalia), whereas in Islam, Allah forbids a Muslim to show her nakedness. This indicates a weakening of faith someone to obey God's commands. By strengthening our faith, enabling us to fortify ourselves from the influence of foreign cultures that are destructive.
We all hope that our country's culture is not collapsed and disappeared as oppressed by a foreign culture to enter because of globalization. Avoid negative influences on the nation's next generation, because it is they who would carry out the mandate of the nation. If the successor of the nation is a person who does not recognize indigenous customs and culture of the country, it would be what our country. Therefore, starting from now we must educate ourselves to restrict and sort of foreign cultures that enter. Choose which does not conflict with the norms in our country, and avoid conflict with the cultural norm in our country. We as a nation successor should not be influenced by foreign cultures that can destroy our faith in God Almighty. Strengthen our faith.

Avoiding globalization as a process of natural or completely eliminate the negative impact of globalization it is probably not possible. Inevitably, like it or not, ready not ready, we have to face globalization and accept any impact, negative or positive. Therefore, the challenges we face as an elite group of people is: How can we make the most positive impact of globalization and minimize its negative impact.
Normative suggestion that we always hear is: to increase our faith and piety to God Almighty. Logically, with unwavering faith and taqwa, then all kinds of temptations to deviate from God's law will be ignored. This suggestion is easy to say but not easy to implement, given the strong temptation and the onslaught of globalization, especially by the lay people. Especially if you remember that, to be successful nationally, an increase in faith and devotion is not only individually but also collectively. Individually, we might ask ourselves, if we want, to do things that can increase our faith and piety to God. However, to be improved collectively, it would require additional efforts to influence others to want to do things that can increase their faith and piety. In Muslim circles, is called propaganda.
Propagation is often interpreted narrowly by calling on people to follow the teachings of Islam, usually through lectures (therefore, the so-called preachers usually are those who like to lecture in recitation). However, the actual propagation can be interpreted broadly as 'any act that makes people attracted to Islam or make known to the people of Islam'. With this meaning, the person who did his duty as a Muslim in the middle of the non-Muslim can be called is being preached. There is indication that in this area that we, Muslims, very weak. Statement of a well-known figure in the past that 'the beauty of Islam is covered by ugliness his people' shows the weakness of Muslims in this field.
Some of the factors that support successful mission (but often forgotten) was:

Globalization, not only bring a positive result for us including the advancement of science and technology fields, but also bring negative consequences. negative effect in question is a mixed culture / customs we are entering a foreign culture because of the influence of globalization that goes through various media such as television, internet, magazines, and others. This will adversely affect the future generation that will be undertaking the nation.
It is certain that faith plays an important role in maintaining human morality, because in the absence of faith in the Almighty God we must have got into the things that are negative because we have no control. What is meant here is control, trust and obedience to God who would control us from bad deeds are forbidden by God.

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