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The marriage of cutting-edge transmission technology with a computer spawned a new era, the era of information. Will be born an era where the global village (global village). So it is not an exaggeration to say the word globalization as the world of the year. Globalization is derived from the global or overall meaning in general. Global era is the process of entry of a country into the world scope, so that barriers or borders between countries will be increasingly blurred. Globalization is characterized by advances in communications technology, is called the information age. It's impact on changes in lifestyle communities in the area.
Changes that occur in a normal society is changing. His influence spread rapidly into the life of society. Even the changes that occurred somewhere in one hemisphere could affect where in the other hemisphere. Changes that occur will be growing as the development of community life in this era of modernization and globalization.
Collin Cherry reveals the development of communication technology and rapid information explosion today with the term. This is because, first, the potential of communication and information technology can reach the entire surface of the earth in just a moment. Second, the number of messages and traffic flows of information have multiplied geometrically. For two decades alone, the number of contacts there are an estimated global communication as much as similar communications for a few centuries ago. Third, the complexity of the technology itself is becoming more sophisticated (sophisticated), both software tools and hardware.
The era of globalization has the potential to help transform the lives of almost the whole system of society, politics, economics, culture and so on. Western progressive intercultural dialogue and expressive culture in the East lasted a massive scale without realizing it. A new phenomenon in this era of globalization only in terms of tempo EDAR information increasingly short and increasingly broad scope.
With the process mendunianya an information technology development and globalization of culture or information, of course, played once against changes in a variety of things such as lifestyle, way of thinking, perspectives, and others.
The more easily the information is entered, it will also affect the development of various fields such as technology. Development of current technologies, especially information technology, will certainly encourage the release of information from outside the country of origin to country. With the inclusion of such information to other countries, will affect the development of other technologies, because it will continue to be developed by the recipient country information. You could say the spread of information, it will be growing all the technology and science.
Globalization of information plays a role in terms of communication such as once a person should buy a newspaper to get the information in his own country and would be very kasulitan to get information from abroad. But now we can be very easy to obtain information both from domestic and from abroad, ie, with Internet technology. Internet is a means of communication and means of getting the information widely really significant stuff, almost all of the information is there and of course the information in it not only from domestic but also from abroad. With the internet we can easily obtain information, we can access it via computer or mobile phone.
Globalization of information also plays a role in changing one's lifestyle, from which used simple, now you; ai moving towards consumer culture and others. Moreover, when coupled with mendunianya information from various parts of the world, will surely affect one's lifestyle. When viewed from the information obtained from the television for example, things that displayed the information from those of developed countries that have a consumptive way of life, thus the people of our country that has a filter that it is less powerful in sorting information entry would look at that culture is a culture or lifestyle that fits with her, although when viewed from our customs that conflict with traditional norms of our country.
Person's point of view would change if he could not sort out incoming information. Globalization makes it increasingly growing gap between rich and poor. Which can not survive in today's global era, will be considered trivial by the strong. This is due to a variety of things, conscious self, humility, faith, and others.
The first feature of the global community is increasingly high civilization that is sustained by the existence of science and technology. Modern society as it is generated by industrialization and technologization is a society with a dynamic structure of life, to give birth to creative ideas for the benefit of humankind in various sectors of life. Power of thought and creative power is growing in such a way so as to formulate the meaning of life in a real context, so it will result in the shifting cultural values ​​that can take place any time, although slowly but surely.
The second feature of the globalization of information is the invasion of communication and information through cultural boundaries. The whole progress achieved by man was inseparable from the role of communication. so most people refer to communication as the "glue" to live together. This is understandable because the term itself implies communication together (common, commoness: English) comes from the Latin meaning communicatio notice, giving part (in something), the exchange, in which the speaker expects the consideration or response from the listener; participate take part.
Communication is touching all aspects of community life, or otherwise touches all aspects of community life communication. It is precisely that people always describe communication as ubiquitous or all present. This means the communication in any time and anywhere. Communication is something that really department. Communication-paced nature of this present, but also provide benefits yet presents many difficulties because of the phenomenon of communication became widespread, double and multiple meanings.
The third characteristic is the high rate of social transformation. Advances in communications technology experienced by mankind today provides convenience and speed in dealing with each other. Distance is no longer an obstacle to be able to communicate. Information and events that occur in parts of the world can be accessed quickly by humans on other continents. In addition to the distance that the closer, more and more people also get the choice of means to absorb the information. With the increasingly rapid flow of information and diversity of communication media to deliver the transformation of mankind ..
A fourth feature is the occurrence of changes in lifestyle (lifestyle). Increasingly sophisticated communications technologies provide convenience and freedom to the public to access any information available. The implication there was a change because the value systems clash of value systems adopted by a society are not necessarily or not in accordance with the cultural background, religion in public before. There is even a proverb that says the confusion of modern humans is not caused by lack of information received, but due to too much information through various communication media (flood of information).
The fifth characteristic of the era of globalization and information is increasingly sharp gap between the industrialized countries to developing countries, in other words the information dominance by developed countries to underdeveloped countries. Dominance of the most effective tool is knowledge, while knowledge-based information that others do not. According to F. Rachmadi, advances in information and communication technology on the one hand has managed to overcome time and space, but on the other hand it also sharpens the information imbalance between the developed countries to developing countries. Quantitatively, the world's information flow is controlled by developed countries. World information flow shows a serious imbalance, even most third world countries do not have the tools and adequate structure for transmitting and receiving information. This imbalance resulted in lameness and the dependence of developing countries to developed countries. Developed countries have a strong influence and domination of the country that do not have advanced technology.
Muslims in general are still categorized as a developing country, will continue to be the object of injustice the world's information, if we never give enough attention and work hard in the fields of information. We must be able to understand the benefit and harm information and consciously use it to achieve our goals, rather than Western goals. Distribution of information developed by the West in this era of cynicism and antipathy tends towards Islam that is often not based on objectivity, accuracy and balance of sources. Dissemination of news with a heavy current interpretation of the Western World shallowness of the problem of human rights in Islam, is often the result of a lack of information and because of the influence of emotional power. They describe the situation in the broken glass. Nawfal Ahmad said that the strategy of the West is divisive and cause anxiety (unrest) in the hearts of Muslims, with the tactics of utilizing the differences of opinion among the people. Engineering information is an integral part of social engineering.
Man was created by God Almighty that is to become caliph on earth, with the task of maintaining, utilizing properly, and preserve it. There are times when people in the development of science by intentionally destroying nature for the sake of acquiring new knowledge and create new technologies, then do not do countermeasures against the damage caused.
Mengglobalnya current information we can get from a variety of media, internet, newspapers, magazines, telephone, and others. We can feel positive and negative result. Many people in our country which began to be affected by foreign cultures, it seems only made our native culture displaced by the entry of foreign cultures. If we let it continue, our indigenous culture can be lost and extinct. Generation who care about our native culture must develop in order to save our culture from our ancestors which is the identity of our nation.
Behold, the man now seems to have left the true meaning of life in this world. Man was created by none other gods are not to worship Him (carry out his commands and avoid His prohibitions). Advances in technology and mengglobalnya current information, can be said to be one because people forget their identity as God's creatures. With the globalization of information, should best we can use to add to our knowledge, instead of making us semkain far from the teachings of God. Such as the internet information technology. Many people both young and old, male or female, to distort the positive benefits of the technology they use these examples to see porn sites, and others.
Thus humans should realize the impact of globalization of information. Because in fact we are now being tested our resilience to the effects arising from globalization. We must capitalize on all the gifts given by God as well as possible.
Globalization is the process of deployment of new elements, especially concerning the global information through print and electronic media. In particular, globalization is formed by the lack of progress in the field of communication the world. Others have defined globalization as a loss limit of space and time due to advances in information technology.
Globalization affects virtually all aspects of community life. There are people who can accept the existence of globalization, such as young people, people with high social status, and urban communities. However, there are also people who have difficulty accepting or even reject globalization as people in remote areas, the older generation whose life is stagnant, and people who are not ready both physically and mentally. Globalization brings positive or negative impact on social change and the culture of a society.
The positive impact of globalization of information:
While the negative impact of globalization of information:
The globalization of information, bringing information from the other hemisphere, so that the culture of other countries also we can know. However this is also bad for the state of culture in our own country. Our original culture instead shifted by the presence of a foreign culture. Ironic if the nation does not DAPT ssuatu save and preserve their original culture which is the true identity of the nation.
Since from now on, we must prepare generai successor who understand and understand well the importance of national culture, to preserve the indigenous culture of the nation.
We must realize the nature of human creation, in order to save ourselves from the negative effects of globalization of information. Normative suggestion that we always hear is: to increase our faith and piety to God Almighty. Logically, with unwavering faith and taqwa, then all kinds of temptations to deviate from God's law will be ignored. This suggestion is easy to say but not easy to implement, given the strong temptation and the onslaught of globalization, especially by the lay community. Especially if you remember that, to be successful nationally, an increase in faith and devotion is not only individually but also collectively. Individually, we might ask ourselves, if we want, to do things that can increase our faith and piety to God. However, to be improved collectively, it would require additional efforts to influence others to want to do things that can increase their faith and piety. So basically, technological developments in the era of globalization, should also be accompanied by increased closeness with God.


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