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The universe is finite. There is a creation, the process of nothingness into being, and ultimately destroyed. Among them was the creation of man and other living creatures. Also takes place there are thousands, even millions of physical processes, chemical, biological and other processes are not known.
In the book of Nature Creation by Harun Yahya's Kingdom is the author reinforce belief in the integration of Islamic understanding and understanding humans (scientists) about the origin of the universe. The meeting of understanding Al Quran and science of astronomy is that the universe began and ended; and Al Quran further hint that the universe has a Creator Essence (Lord of Alamin). This phenomenon is expected to pave the way and trigger the integration of Islam in people's lives.
General impression of vast and magnificent universe inhabitants obtained by looking at the clear night sky with no moon light. The sky was full of a sprinkling of stars that seemed countless. The structure and extent of the universe is very difficult to imagine human beings, and human progress and rationality perceptions about it takes centuries.
Big Bang Theory of Creation and Early At
There are so many opinions related to the universe, even since the time of Ptolemy to the present. In ancient Greece people believed that the universe is relatively small and narrow, even the earth itself is sustained by a giant god Atlas supporting the earth. This argument lasted so long, even to the church which eventually challenged by Galileo to sacrifice himself. The doctrine of the Bible who believed the church holds that the universe was created only take six days, and the earth as its center. Galileo challenged this doctrine is based on research he did, but the consequences of this opinion that menghantarkannya at the end of his life. Over time and the results of other recent findings, human conduct in the vastness of the universe is so vast even infinite. New issues is what we deliver on new theories of cosmology, which inevitably result in the interface between science and religion.
Awareness of the space of the universe is so great begins to form in the 20th century's, Albert Einstein was mentioned as forming the main character of this assumption. Through the theory of relativity that Einstein pointed out that the universe is curved and formed from a tremendous explosion about fifteen billion years ago, and as a result of this explosion of a remaining cosmic incandescence through a condensation process which coincided curvature of the universe continues to expand. This opinion was echoed by some other seasoned astronomers, starting from Willem de Sitter (1917), and then Edwin Hubble (1929) which proves the movement of inter-galaxy spectra from the earth as the red shift. Then in 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson with micro waves, they both are the scientists who first succeeded in detecting the remnants of the big bang explosion fifteen billion years ago. By accident they both managed to record the microwave is so weak and there was this wave all over the sky, after going through the process of further study of these waves is believed to be the relic radiation explosion fifteen billion years ago.
There are four fundamental forces of physics related to the explosion process is believed to physicists, namely: 1. Electromagnetic force which controls the behavior of light and charged particles, 2. Weak nuclear force which controls radioactive decay, 3. The strong nuclear force that binds protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei, and 4. The force of gravity acting antarmassa from a distance.
Of the four theories of these scientists argue the existence of fundamental theories as for the creation of even keeping the harmonies to the present system. In 1967, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam succeeded in finding new breakthroughs related to the creation of this theory, they both managed to wed theory and the first two. With the development of these research findings and other scientists trying to find a theoretical basis for the creation of compressing the fourth theory, and theory is called the Grand Unified Theory. The scientists believe, if the theory is found then the man has managed to uncover the main theory of creation that God used so far in the process of creation.
Departing from the curiosity of scientists, generating certain formulations related to creation. When issues of astronomy developed into the creation of these issues that bothered theologians and religious reluctance to enter in the study of science. The curiosity of the scientists that underlie them to perform various advanced research process, inadvertently deliver them to the laboratory to the Lordship of God where ordinary creation. On the other hand outside the laboratory to the Belief that God had prepared the guards who are so devout theologian named and ready to deal with scientists who are ready to break down the door of the lab. So, at this time that science must deal with religion.
The interface between scientists and theologians has led to fierce clashes between the two, especially in the western world, which generally adheres to the belief-atheistic materialist. As revealed by Robert Jastrow that "astronomical evidence leads to a biblical view of the origins of the universe." Scientists become allergic when a scientific theory of science changed to orthodox doctrine, as did the theologians who did not want his holiness of God should be tested in a form of scientific mathematical formula. Therefore it is necessary for us to mention four basic views between science and religion in response to current cosmological theories.
God created the universe in six days, so the belief is ingrained in the minds of the theologians. In contrast to the findings of the astronomers who produce gains fifteen billion years of the boom to the formation of the universe as we now pijaki.
The first, God created Heaven and Earth, the Earth was without form and empty, darkness was over the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering above the water, God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. God saw that the light was good, then divided the light from the darkness And God called the light day, and the dark night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. God made the expanse between the waters to separate water from water. He separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. God called the firmament heaven, that's the second day. All water under the sky come together in one place, so it looks dry. God called the dry land, and a collection of sea water. The earth brought forth young shoots, all kinds of plants that seed and all types of trees bearing fruit with seed in the earth, that is day three.The sun and moon and stars on day four, all birds and marine animals on day five, Animals, reptiles, and wild men and the first woman on the sixth day.
The Universe Can Be Understood By Intellect
There is a knowledge that connects a person with another person, and therefore we can understand the universal. The presumption is that we can use to look for common ground dialogue between scientists and theologians. We can predict the total solar eclipse through a process of mathematical calculation, from here we can understand that God created the universe using mathematical concepts as well, but this is not for humans to understand Him through His creation.
Basic assumptions above is one of the efforts that we can use to reconcile between science and religion. We can use rational premises for mendialogkan between scientists and theologians. Intellect is the stock owned by each individual, then certainly there is one system that can be used to mendialogkan to both, namely rationality. From this we can conclude that there is no more reason for the theologians to reject the proffered assumptions scientists. But that needs to be done is to discuss the premises of the findings to scientists in the perspective of a theologian.
Islamic Cosmology, Modern Science, and the Main Cause (Prime Cause)
Considered too great understanding of the concept of creation that exists in modern cosmology if we compare it with Islamic cosmology. This occurs because of differences in resource acquisition, which tend to be secular modern science, they tried to deny the bible from the discovery of their acquisition of empirical physics. In contrast to the version of Islam, they believe that the Qur'an contained in precisely the correct knowledge. Based on sources that exist in the Qur'an; the scientist, philosopher, theologian, and Sufi Muslims they do further study. The results of this review process can be mapped in 3 forms of thought, namely:
1. The belief of the theologians on keterciptaan temporal universe.
2. The belief in the immortality of the philosophers of nature and ontological dependence on God.
3. View of the Sufis and Mulla Sadra about the creation of continuous (continual recreation).
The third opinion is as if a different way of looking at the universe, but there is one commonality among them. God is the only reason for the creation of the universe, this is the thing that does not exist in modern science. They just do in-depth research on materials that apparently by mere research tools, but they just forget the Creator. Studies that appear without a strong foundation, will produce knowledge that is so easy to thrown down again. The atmosphere is different from the scientific as we get in Islam. In Islam, as far as any of us to move and acquire knowledge, then it will never escape the influence of God there. Although it sometimes looks different in understanding the concept of God, but God still touted as the main cause (Prime Cause) kesegala universe and life forms in nature.
In the discussion of philosophy, there is a discussion that can connect the discussion of astronomy, cosmology, and religion. Legal causation is an important issue that links between astronomers and theologians in this discussion. The astronomers who conduct in-depth research to produce a big bang to the discovery of a series of constantly studying the actions and reactions that occur in nature to form as it is today. But at the same time they build a theory that is not obvious effect, of which the emergence of material that is to precede the big bang? If we can find the beginning of the creation process, then it is appropriate if we probe deeper into the origins of this material creation. If we have not found a solution for this beginning, this is where the empty space for us to put the figure of God. Because the law of cause and effect would be useless without the main reasons that started the existence of which we are currently facing.
Concept of the Universe Formed of Tawheed
God is the cause of the creation of the universe, and God also lowers its quality in his creation. If we look at reality, the whole movement that exists in nature is to adopt a system of movement of the pivot. That is, any material that moves require holding the shaft and set the harmony of movement. Earth moves the pivot on the sun, the sun is the pivot on the Milky Way galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy clusters pivot on, so did so on. Shafts of all the clusters that exist in this universe is interpreted as the beginning of the big bang. Not just stop there only, it turns out this picture of the movement of the universe are also present in the earth, namely the movement of people who believe in moving in the Kaaba praising their Lord. Such a picture is what is referred to as the concept of Tawheed. The concept of Tawheed means is that the universe is "wick one" and "orbit one". The meaning is that the universe is "from God" and "will return to God".
Islam teaches people to learn the nature of all that is not a mere invitation, but it aims to raise awareness of the self. Nature is so complex and irregular it can not appear alone. Each order must have a system that has regularities require regulatory figures. Monotheistic system underlying the movement that exists in nature is also a sign, that this religion down from the same God, who created the universe. Therefore, any people who believe in the creation process, you can bet he believes in the creator. The existence of this nature are so regular as well as a manifestation of the existence of God who left His Tawheed nature in his creations.
However, although the discussion of issues related to science and religion seem different, there is still a meeting point between the two, namely:

There is one system that regulates the balance of harmony in nature, such as systems that regulate the human body.
Regularity of the existing system is demonstrated certainty that nature was not created by chance, since the harmonization of nature requires an order produced by the organizer.
The differences in ratings (relativism) between scientists and the clergy is not a significant problem, we can seek common ground between the two.
Intellect is one of knowledge acquisition tools that we can try to find a dialogue between scientists and religionists.
The scientists, philosophers, and mystics can be met when thrash Prime Cause, then we can prove that there is common ground that they were saying.
The concept of Tauhid is one of the systems that exist in nature and the social system in Islam, this indicates there is a meeting point between the two. Therefore, scientists and clerics do not need to debate the issue of creation, because we can seek a slick dialogue between the two, as the relationship between nature and man.

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