Character education

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Many of us often to hear what a character, but we ourselves are so unfamiliar with the word. Character is the values ​​of human behavior associated with the Almighty God, yourself, fellow humans, the environment, and nationhood embodied in thoughts, attitudes, feelings, words, and actions based on religious norms, laws, manners, culture , and customs. Usually it is influenced by the genes of their parents. A character, arise because of the habit. If the habit continues to do it repeatedly, then it could affect his character. 

Everyone must have character. Characters can not escape from human existence. Because the characters always appear when someone does a habit. Character affects the lives of people who have it, either by himself or when he is socializing (with the surrounding community). Because the character of his choice does not necessarily correspond with him and will cause mental conflict. This is also true with the environment, not necessarily the people around him like the characters.
The character also affects a person's success. Character affects the mentality of an entrepreneur. If someone is not mentally tough, no doubt she would give up if you hit a problem. So in conclusion it is important to set up a character's personality.
Character education is a system of planting character values ​​to the citizens of the school which includes components of knowledge, awareness or willingness, and actions to implement those values, both to the Almighty God (Almighty), self, neighbor, neighborhood, or nationality so that the perfect man to be human. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara (1967: 484-489), which is teaching manners or character education is an effort to help the mental development of children both physically and mental, of the nature kodratinya moving towards its civilization in general.
Parents become the first educator and the main characters for children. Then the values ​​which would be emphasized in school, needs to be communicated with the family. No less important role of the community also became educators character, because the people who will support the implementation of what has been given in the family and the school will be practiced in the community. The role of mass media and electronic media is also very important in shaping the character of the child, through broadcast media they will catch a variety of information, whether that support or undermine precisely the values ​​that have been inculcated by families and schools. Therefore, the electronic mass media and also must play an active role in making the character of the nation's gun ban, with his nyajikan positive information and educate so that it can support the process of character education.
Issues antarpelajar fights, the issue of student anarchists even fights between tribes began to bloom occurred in Indonesia. Education is now starting to become the focus of attention, it produces less generation of mutual respect and respect for others. Presumably the main source is a weak character education. Younger generation who are less educated the nation's character will be easily provoked by a variety of issues that could break the national unity belahkan. However, education is not only shaping the character of a virtuous man Indonesia, but also people who are intelligent, skilled and wise.
Causative factor of less satisfying quality of education in Indonesia by looking at the output of some students who are not desirable, is the lack of good strategy in Indonesia to bring the nation forward. The presence of graduate education in Indonesia are not able to work well, are not skilled, less confident and not encrusted-ter occurs because conditioned by a lack of proper strategy. Aspirations of students who mistakenly been formed early on, that did not value manual work that requires skill, diligence, and perseverance.
Socrates has said that the most fundamental purpose of education is to make someone a "good and smart". Humans are educated should be the wise, that one can use his knowledge to good things, that pious charity, and can live wisely in all aspects of family life, neighborhood, community, and state. Therefore, a successful education is to form a human-human character necessary in realizing the nation's honor. This is in accordance with Act No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System in Article 3, which states that the functioning of national education to develop skills and form the character and civilization of the nation's dignity in the context of the intellectual life of the nation. National education aims for the development of potential learners in order to become a man of faith and piety to God Almighty, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent, and become citizens of a democratic and responsible.
Character education aims to improve the quality of implementation and educational outcomes in schools that lead to the formation of character and achievement of learners noble character as a whole, integrated, and balanced, according to competency standards. Character education through junior high students are expected to be able to independently increase and use knowledge, assess and internalize and personalize the values ​​of character and noble character that manifests itself in everyday behavior.
Character education at institutional level leads to the formation of school culture, namely the values ​​that underlie behavior, traditions, everyday habits, and symbols that are practiced by all schools, and communities around the school. School culture is a defining characteristic, character or disposition, and the school image in the eyes of the public.
Character education in the era of globalization is indeed urgently needed. This is to avoid contamination of the character of citizens who have appropriate religious norms and customs, of foreign cultures are most destructive.
Many people today easily influenced by the new culture when that culture will destroy the character and personality that have been good. They lack the "antibodies" from outside influences.
With the character of education, is expected to form the character of someone who is good and tough early on. Character education is not just for kids, but can also be given to an institution or company that requires employees to work with mentally sportsmanship, responsible for the work, and others.
Every company, would want his men to work in accordance with the regulations that have been implemented by the company. They are the workers, must be responsible with her work, to be honest, and others. Hard pressed to find a candidate who "fresh graduates" who can be honest. With the level of character education programs adannya Secondary school (SMA) / equivalent, this may be a reason the company to seek job candidates who recently graduated high school / equivalent. With the character of education, is expected to print the whole man, a good personality.
The conclusion that we can get after reading the above description is:
Hopefully after reading this paper, we all can take this country towards a good development, by establishing the character of the good society. So automatically, will form the nation's character and personality are good also.


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