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Neyla and Rossa were two people who have been friends since a long time. They started when they were good friends in high school. With school in one of the same class, it turns their homes were too close together. It also supports their friendship until now."Maen yuk! ""Where to? ""I can be, come ONLY! "

Maybe that's a small picture of their familiarity. They always seem to know and understand one another. They also open a mission to each other in any case.

Next month is a long holiday. Rossa will go to Bali with his family. But his departure did not make the family feel pretty Rossa. He wanted to invite Neyla, friend. With much thought, finally Neyla was willing to accompany Rossa holiday to Bali which has also previously been granted permission from her parents. And today it's time they go to Bali."Wow .. I am very happy deh eventually you come to Bali as well as us. Mah is not it? "Said Rossa started the conversation."Yes. Auntie also seneng Neyla eventually you come. Your mom's okay right? "Asked Mama Rossa on Neyla."That's okay Tante. Anyway this is an Uncle and Aunt are also there as well, so not so worried mother. The word mother is important ati-ati wrote. "Replied the Neyla."Yeah Neyla, your mother is right. We must be careful! "Mama said as he ordered Rossa.The chatter continued until the time did not feel much missed. After traveling far and take a long time, they finally arrived in Bali. Om Reza, Papa Rossa, circling the city looking for a hotel or lodging that suits them. And Hotel Galuh who became the choice for their stay. Because they got there it was night, they agreed to go for a walk tomorrow morning only."Hey .. wake up. Ya already noon. We walk yuk! "Said Rossa."Ouch .. banget still early. Ntar aja deh ya! "Complained Neyla who was enjoying his sleep"Come on. We go to the beach. Early in the morning gini to the beach should not really good. Come on. Come on. Come on! "Said Rossa too excited."Yeah deh, yes. Moment I take a shower first. "Neyla said surrender.They had been getting ready to go to the beach not far from the hotel they see themselves staying. There they look very happy to undergo his first day's holiday.Because it was dissolved the day and the weather was hot, they decided to move. Neyla Rossa invites, friend, look pakian and knick-knacks at Beautique. But soon there, Rossa suddenly got a call from her mother's to get back to the hotel."Uh sorry Ney, I had to rush back to the hotel ya. Calling Mama already. You want to be here first or I want to come back? "Said Rossa."I want to be here first deh. Still want to clay-clay first. "Neyla said."Fine if so, I first yes. Ati-ati Ntar you know! "Message Rossa old tomorrow."Yes, yes. Definite. "Neyla said firmly."Fine. Dha .... "Neyla eventually have to look around alone without the company of a friend. After a while there, Neyla decided to go back to the hotel. When he would come out, all of a sudden ...Gubrak. !!!!!!"Ouch ..!!!! "Cried Neyla."Sorry .. Sorry .. I do not accidentally. "Responses.Neyla stunned at the sight of seeing the figure of a guy in front of him. "Crazy. Ya gorgeous guy "inner Neyla."Loe's okay right? "Asked the guy who broke into the shadow Neyla. "Sorry I accidentally did.""Oh it's nothing really. Anyways I also do not why why. "Neyla said, trying to rise from last fall.Feeling guilty, he was then invited to have lunch with Neyla."Kenalin, I Rafa. Loe who? "He stuck out his hand."I Neyla. "He replied to him a helping hand."A good name. O yes sorry once again yes your problem. I was really not on purpose. "Rafa again apologized.Neyla smiled, then replied "That's okay. I was also wrong, was not clay-clay first. "With so finally they look familiar. And it turns out Rafa Jakarta's children also participate Her father served in Bali, all he filled vacation in length. In the end they even exchanged phone number. Because Rafa no business, he had to rush home."Sorry .. I must hurry back, because there is still a business. I loe deh Ntar telephone. Should not it? "Rafa said."Yes. Please ONLY! "Neyla said a little sheepishly."Ok. See you soon. "While walking home, Neyla look very happy. Arriving at the hotel was Neyla was granted."Say you're doing yourself smiling so? Kesambet? "Asked his friend with a little teasing."Huss .. nice wrote. No lah. I'm not okay. "Neyla said. Neyla not want his friend to know."Strange you! "After a few days Neyla associated with Rafa, they increasingly look familiar. But he still did not tell Neyla's proximity to the Rossa.It turned out that behind all that, on other occasions have been acquainted with Rafael Rossa which was introduced by their parents at that time is working in the business in Bali. Rossa looks like Rafael. They also look familiar. Rossa had told it to his friend, Neyla."You know I often Rafael Certain it? "Fishing-rod Rossa."Oh no, too. Just wrote out his name, did you often stories. Emang why? "Neyla said without expression."EMH .. (As he sheepishly) I think I liked him deh same. "Neyla terkaget. "Oh yeah? Wow .. There are again falling in love ya I think? "Teased Neyla."Really he was like? ""Hmm .. Anyway, if you know and see he's definitely klepek klepek-deh. Really cute anyway. hehe ... "laughter Rossa.Rossa was told at length of its proximity to Rafael at Neyla. Neyla was just a loyal listener.Increasingly, the closeness with Rafael Rossa more visible. Neyla was also felt increasingly familiar on Rafa. On a certain day, Rossa Neyla wanted to take a walk. Rossa also want to introduce Neyla on Rafael. Shortly Neyla waiting, suddenly Rossa came up with a guy who is tall, white, and no stranger to Neyla. And apparently it is ... ... ... .."Rafa?? "Neyla said startled."Rafa? It Rafael, Neyla. I often ceritain it. "Said Rossa is also confused.Apparently Rafa or Rafael is the same person. His name is Rafael Sadewa, but it is more fondly called by Rafa. Without giving any explanation, Neyla immediately took the bag and go. Rossa called him repeatedly, but Neyla did not respond to anything."Actually, what's going on between you at Neyla? What do you guys have known each other before? "Said Rossa is still confusion. Rafael is only visible silence."Why are you hell wrote El diem? "Insisted Rossa."Yes. Quote We've known each other. We also sempet deket. "Rafael said."What? Why do not you tell? "Rossa said a little disappointed."I do not know if it's your friend Neyla? "Rafael looked upset as well.Males arguing with Rafael, Rafael Rossa was left to follow Neyla. On the road, Rossa tried to call her friend, but absolutely no response. Rossa think that Neyla has returned to the hotel, he was gaining. Neyla Apparently nobody in the room. Rossa still waiting in confusion. At nightfall, Neyla slowly back to the hotel. Rossa and Neyla are equally silent."Why do not you still have a story about Rafael? "Asked Rossa started, but still with an awkward tone."What for? Not really important too. "Neyla looks cool.They are equally lazy talk. They feel disappointed with each other. Neyla was disappointed because he had been willing to listen to the chatter of Rossa, but it turns out people who Rossaintent is the alias Rafael Rafa who liked Neyla. Rossa also disappointed at Neyla Neyla has been ignored because their mission is open both to each other. After much thought, finally Rossa intend to explain everything."I want to apologize to you. "Begged Rossa."What you're sorry as I am? "Indifferent Neyla."I know you like the same or Rafael Rafa was right? But why do not you start the same story from me? "Insisted Rossa."Because I need some time to talk with you. But it was too late. I do not find the right person. "Neyla said."So I also do not choose the right person. And now I putusin for not related at Rafael's. "Said Rossa on Neyla."Why? "Asked Neyla confused."Because I do not want that ruined our friendship just because of one guy the same in our lives. "With a lengthy explanation, eventually they both became familiar again. They believe that the friendship will be more lasting than love is possible only for a moment.Relationship is number one. Relationship is the best.

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