Android Ideos X1

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Prices are cheap of course is the first point when we decided to buy Android phone. Likewise when they want to buy Huawei Ideos X1, Froyo Android phone from China is made by the vendor. Price is certainly a consideration of you who followed later with the existing features in it as a second consideration.
X1 into the generation Ideos Ideos X3 Android like Huawei or Huawei Ideos CDMA platform that runs on Android OS Froyo. Android Froyo is the most stable operating system.
Return to hp Android Ideos X1. This phone is equipped with Qualcomm MSM 7225 processor with a speed of 528MHz (lower than the samsung mini air-processor 600 MHz) and paired with 256 MB of RAM.
With processors that can be invited to run fast, certainly mulitasking activities (open multiple applications simultaneously in one time) can dilakukandengan smoothly. Browsing while listening to reggae music no constraints. Watch the video while nelpon certainly not recommended. Ideos X1 can play 3D games smoothly. It was not separated from Andreno 205 GPU chipset which is devoted to processing visual graphics to produce a smooth and eye-catching. Halah!
3MP Camera power can be used as a 'friend' is entertaining. Learning can take pictures through a friend do this phone. Continue to hone skills in taking pictures. Who knows one day my friend can be a reliable photographer who begins to learn to use a digital camera phones. Remember that success begins with small things first (quasi-wise)
Various applications and games can be downloaded via the Android Market pal. Thousands of applications and games, whether free or paid is available here. If I choose a personal favorite applications like MP3 Cutter, LiveScore, Wifi Analyzer, File Expert, Anti-Virus Free, AndroidZip File Manager, Compass, Yahoo! Mail, Currency Converter, Mobile, Android Market Security Tool, Indonesia Translator, and much more. To determine the function of each of these applications, please find your own friend via the Android Market that can be accessed via the Android phone. For more leverage to use wi-fi connection.
Huawei Ideos X1 is sold with the bundling of the operator XL. A variety of attractive packages can mate enjoy, such as Free Card Prime XL, Getting Free Unlimited Internet package for 3 months, monthly bonuses Get a 150 SMS, 150 minutes of calls and 15 MMS to Neighbor XL with the division: 5 SMS / day, 5 minute telephone / day; 15 MMS / month

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