Driving techniques using motorcycle

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Growth of motorcycles continues to increase along with the need for efficient transport wheels and affordable. From downtown to the corners of the village bike easy to find.
Several reasons are often expressed are: fuel efficient, jam-free, able to carry goods, bringing people, and affordable.

In driving a motorbike, things to note are:
1. The bike is designed only to carry two people, namely the driver and passenger. This is related to the power structure, availability and seating comfort and security at the time of controlling motors with more than 2 people.
2. Ridership has the potential risk of accidents as large as the driver. Even some cases pillion suffered more serious injuries when compared with the driver. So pillion riding gear must use the same standard as the driver.
3. At the time of driving with a passenger, the driver must be able to regulate the movement of the centroid are both so in tune with the movement of the motor. If not, then the balance will be disturbed, especially on the bike when cornering / tilt. To facilitate the driver, passenger must sit facing forward in the direction of the driver and held on to the driver so the passenger movement will follow the movement of the driver.
4. The position of the pillion seat in the back will be closer to the wheels and chains, so avoid using a fringed pants or skirt so that potentially stuck into the wheel or chain.
There is no prohibition to drive berboncengan but definitely more difficult than driving alone. Understand techniques for our security and a better life.

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