Tips on safe driving by car

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Driving on the road has become a routine activity for almost everyone. Some even spend more time working on the road than at the office or another rumah.Ditambah traffic conditions in major cities currently outstanding jam. Can make the vehicle as well as users 'stress'.

Here are tips on driving a car, may be useful:

1.Persiapkan yourself both mentally and physically. Make sure the condition of the body in good health. Get enough rest and not have problems that can interfere with concentration.

2.Buat travel plans. Learn the purpose and the route will be skipped. Especially for a new pathway that has not been passed. Its usefulness to facilitate motorists reach the desired place. It can be asked by colleagues who already know, read a map, or searching on the internet.

3.Bawa personal documents and the vehicle (driver's license and vehicle registration). Make sure not expired alias is still worth taking.

4.Pastikan vehicle in a roadworthy condition. Perform a thorough vehicle inspection. Able to see the condition of the tires. Be sure not less wind. Then check the oil droplets or not there under the car. Do not forget to also check the engine oil and radiator water, if less immediately added.

5Cek also been carried equipment and complete recovery. Like jack, tire opener, spare tire, triangle belt, strap, battery jumper cables and so on.

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