Laptop Care Tips

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Laptop is a very sensitive electronic items when not on duty as well and do not care properly then your laptop will often go to places Laptop.Komponen Laptop service is also very expensive in comparison with PC components. The following are tips How to care for Laptops:
01. Do not carelessly download free software from the internet.
Moreover such software as if as an antivirus. Use the software that you get from the package you buy a laptop. The risk of the virus can damage your laptop if you carelessly use the software from the internet. If you still want to use the downloaded software, then make sure you scan it with antivirus software you have.
02. Do not give cover apapapun including gloves Laptops at your laptop turned on because it can cause the laptop processor will die because there is no air circulation beneath the surface of the Laptop
03. The most common laptop damage occurred on the hard drive and LCD display / screen. Hard drive damage caused by collision or fall. LCD damage is usually due to sun exposure and physical stress.
04. Rapikanlah adapter cables or other cables that are connected to the laptop, not to make others stumble.
05. In addition to damage the hard drive and LCD, liquid spills are causing damage to the most common laptop, or use a sheet of transparent film called 'keyboard protector'.
06. Avoid Vibration and Keep your laptop from the loudspeaker, loudspeaker for example, the engine / vehicle weight, and other vibration sources.
07. Do not expose your laptop from x-ray beam at the airport.
08. Keep your laptop clean, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton that is free of dust.
09. Protect your laptop modem. Use a digital modem that has a feature-line guard. Because of this feature will keep the modem from damage if accidentally plugging in the cable modem to the telephone jack digital PABX or ISDN lines. And be careful when going to plug the phone cable to the laptop because the metal wire in the connector laptop modem is very thin and easily bent.
10. In Asia the climate, humid temperatures can be a big problem for laptops that are designed in the United States. To reduce the possibility of a problem, make sure the laptop is stored in a dry and cool. If the laptop is not used for a long time, keep the container tightly laptop in and enter the silica gel. Silica gel is as contained in the medicine bottle, the packaging of electronic barang2. Or it could be bought in a store chemicals. Silica gel is a chemical characteristic of hygroscopic (absorbs moisture / humidity).
11. Power outages and voltage disturbances can occur at any time, at home, in hotel rooms or in the office. If possible, use the 'surge-protector' if you're using an AC outlet. And do not forget to make back-up data regularly.
12. Always use a laptop bag while traveling.
13. If you want to wrap the laptop to be sent or for other purposes, use a strong protective box, and wrap it with foam or sponge that can absorb vibrations.
14. Never place heavy objects on top of the laptop.
15. If the laptop is in trouble, you should submit it to a technician or service-center nearby. Because maybe the damage will be even heavier. Especially for a laptop that is still under warranty - disassemble the laptop can damage the sticker warranty (warranty seal) that is still attached to the laptop.
16. When will lift the laptop is open, do not lift it while holding on the display / screen, lift the bottom of / keyboard
17. Do not plug the laptop into the cable modem PBX (private branch exchange) or digital phone lines. Laptops can only use channels PSTN (public-switched telephone network). The use of telephone lines in addition to the PSTN can damage the laptop modem.
18. Take care of laptop batteries, battery leakage may damage the battery slot.
19. Do not move-move the laptop while still alive. Laptops that are living means the hard drive is also being driven to work so that when the hard drive can cause the head to scratch the cylinder so it will be fatal.
20. Keep your laptop from strong magnetic fields, liquid fuel and a source of heat / cold or extreme temperature changes.
21. Avoid direct sunlight and make sure the laptop is always placed on a flat surface.
22. Warranty cards you do not lose it and if there is damage to your laptop Fatal Take it to the store when you are Buying a Laptop first.

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