The Future of Information Security

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Until the early 1990's, which can access information on the changes the world for 24 hours straight in the political, economic, cultural, social and others, gather information, process it, then use it to benefit the company / institution, was monopolized by the company-companies that have a mainframe computer that is connected to the network only. But with the revolution of a very fast computer technology pioneered by Microsoft, the ability of a PC (Personal Computer) has increased rapidly, the price is getting cheaper, and its use becomes increasingly easy (user friendly), so the existence of the needs of luxury goods (consumption of secondary or tertiary) , has tended to become the primary consumer, who would not want to exist and its existence is necessary, especially by the 'netters' (Internet users) and the businessmen.

Internet & Its growth
The Internet is a network of information that was originally developed by the Department of Defense and Security United States (DoD = Department of Defense, USA) as a strategic project that aims to guard (countermeasures) if there is interference with the public communications network, in particular its effect on their military communication systems . At that time the cold war between the United States with the Soviet Union was at its height, so that they make possible anticipation of any war that might occur.
At first the internet is only used in
restricted in and inter-technology research labs in several educational institutions and research institutes only, who were directly involved in the project DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). But 30 years later (now), the internet has extended throughout the world, from governments, large and small companies, NGOs have a lot to individuals who use it, because of practicality as a means of communication and for information retrieval
Since 1990, www (world wide web) menggelobal to all corners of the world, promising access to information very easily by anyone, including the novice computer user even once. Www explosion (often called a web only) became one of the biggest factors rampant internet.

Benefits and Dangers Internet
Looking at the development and utilization of the Internet so rapidly, despite the benefits are great, there was danger, however, are not recognized by many internet users, particularly by the netters beginners. To minimize the possibility of crime on the internet this is required information security technology, particularly systems and machine encryption (encryption) 4.
World password for centuries had the look dark and scary, because it is only controlled by the military, espionage or diplomats alone, it was time to emit bright light and warmth, with can be exploited by and for the general public, starting from business. Not only for the purpose of keeping the data and communications networks alone, but has a larger purpose, namely the protection of privacy of each member of the community that is connected to a seamless global network, the internet.
But we must remember, too, although the internet has evolved into all corners of the world globally and has no borders anymore, crimes that may arise still have the characteristics and the way that depends on the country / region where the offender is present, namely how perpikir, perspective, morals, norms and social life, as well as other local factors facto. Even the language was very affecting. Doors and level of sophistication of crime at the global level also grow with the changing times and local culture.

nternet security
From the description in the preceding paragraphs, the reader must know that the internet is actually not yet completely safe. Two main reasons for the insecurity of the internet are as follows:
1. The Internet is a no-man's-free zone, no government & laws that govern them. Management and protection of the safety of each network handed over entirely to managers network (Internet network administrator).
2. Still the number of 'holes' (holes) in computer systems and networks that can be utilized by cracker1 for profit / personal desire satisfaction

Why Rampant Crime on the Internet?
Some reasons are as follows:
1. The Internet is a region-free, no government & law;
2. User access from the room (where the remote) and weak supervision from others, so lust pribadilah which will dominate the user;
3. Lack of awareness of the existence of 'holes' of crime on the internet by most users;
4. The absence of Internet network management security standards.

Conclusions as follows:
Internet increasingly to global and promises many ease of access to all corners of the world connected via a network, yet is completely safe, especially for use in the business sector;
Still a 'hole' flaws (bugs) in computer systems and Internet networks, which can be exploited by a cracker;
Security implementation is not adequate at all levels of the Internet network;
The absence of Internet Law in a global world, complicating the arrest, trial and punishment of crackers;
Making security policy (internal security policy) is good and its application, is a step that is absolutely required by the company or organization that connects its network to the Internet.
Information Security Industry market is still wide open, wide internet market is growing.
Internet is simply a means of communication, the more bermanfaatkah or otherwise, myself & our own morality is what determines its use.

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