Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

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Typical Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a car without further ado. For off-road should be able to gobble up extreme terrain, period. But this time, they make it much faster. Here he is, a car that does not exist Down to brass tacks. V8 engine, 5.5 liter supercharged as her name plastered on, power "rhinos" which reached 500 hp, and torque of 700 Nm.
Forget about aerodynamics, because the makers wanted to maintain his legendary legacy with such a form. These forms have a place in the hearts of so many circles. Starting from ordinary people, social workers, to the military, so Mercedes-Benz felt the need to preserve it, such as the Land Rover Defender.

Yes, the car you see on this page is a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, a Mercedes-Benz symbol that everything should be preserved. And that includes the shape and off-road capability. But for this one we do not know what's on the minds of the Mercedes-Benz engineers, so they spawned its AMG versions.
The shape remains the same with minimal changes in body box since the 30's years ago.The only thing that invites attention is the end of the dual exhaust coming out on the left and right body, not behind. In addition, 19-inch AMG alloy wheels comes with a dashing impression. The most noticeable changes are on the front grille with three transverse rods. Later models of projector headlamps using HID, and the rear lights are dominated by the color red, which still placed on the rear bumper.
In addition, the mirror is now equipped with turn signal and there were also a sunroof to give the impression of luxury. Staying present is the spare tire hanging on the back door, the door opener that seems unchanged since 30 years ago, and the turn signal is placed on the muzzle of a car, as well as a back door that remains open to the side.
Typical G-Class interior still feels with a thin dashboard. But the whole cabin washed down from the luxury of leather-clad bucket seats, rear seats are cramped, also made of leather, wood steering wheel with additional leather, quality dashboard, complete entertainment features, dual zone air conditioning, feature COMAND ® with voice control, and cruise control. Through Designo program, you can order interior accents to suit your taste.
On the dashboard plastered three dedicated buttons to adjust the differential lock. As mentioned earlier, although the style of the city, but this car is ready dicemplungkan to offroad terrain. When the machine is turned on, sounding growl typical AMG V8 engine, although it did not bark or the like on the E63 AMG C63 AMG. But, just like this quiet hum that seems to keep the mystery.
G55's time to walk. Once again, the uniqueness of a Gelandewagen really feel though drenched luxury. High seating position (though the seat height adjustable), the suspension hard as any G-Class. And field of view are freely front really makes this car convincing. It is quite disturbing is the position of the brake pedal a little distance from the accelerator pedal.
Steering feels responsive, and communicative enough information on what is done by the front wheels, but the accuracy was lacking. High body seemed to be swayed, but apparently not. Wide tires and suspension are in-tune by AMG was able to make the car stable like a modern SUV. Although hard braking (again, typical of G-Class) but very convincing because the disc brake mounted on the front and rear. We are sure, many other riders who were deceived by his appearance, and thought it was just a regular G-Class with accessories. But forget it. Enjoyment of other controlling this car feels.

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