BMW X5 xDrive30d

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BMW X5 is an SUV Bavarian prime manufacturing blends that make the market fall in love since the beginning of its emergence in 1999 (code E53). X5 is capable of great heroic pioneer car on the pavement. Of positioning a product that's right, X5 sales of 381,000 units of print (in America), exceeding analysts forecasts automotive
Design & EngineeringExterior changes are primarily seen in the front and rear bumpers. Changes also include a headlamp with 'LED daytime running light' (light during the day) as well as bi-xenon. Formations shaped taillights letter 'L' also includes horizontal LED lights. Under the rear bumper lip, pinned two exhaust on the left and right. To outward appearances, no visible difference between petrol and diesel variants, except the letter 'd' and 'i' in the emblem.

The design is fairly aggressive in - appeal rivals in its class, one-ti Mercedes ML and the Lexus RX. X5 has a bigger body than the ML, X5 had given to 7-passenger optional. Talking about the 7-passenger, BMW admitted that there is strengthening of the C and D pillars and rear deck, so that the third dibaris passengers safer. Our test car, the X5 xDrive 30d-, carrying the depot 6-cylinder diesel power bermaterial aluminum. Not only play about the material, BMW also reconstruct the mechanical rate is so much lighter and faster off the heat, in which both of these is the basic weakness of the diesel engine.
One of the backbone of the machine to better fit past the heat, the application of technology 'brake energy regeneration'. When there is braking, the energy due to deceleration is converted into electrical energy. This energy is then channeled to the alternator. That way, the machine does not need the extra work when engine braking. As a result, the machine is not easy to heat. Technologies 'common rail' (direct fuel injection engines as needed) with piezo injectors, and turbochargers, do not forget pinned.
Power of 245 hp at 4,000 rpm and 540 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm delivered via 8-speed Steptronic transmission as standard equipment. In addition to offering 'adaptive drive' (a feature that is capable of cutting body roll), the X5 is equipped with the technology times the typical BMW: xDrive. These technologies will divide the torque and power through the transfer case. In it, a multi-disc clutch is electronically controlled to distribute power to the wheels, adapted to the condition of the road. When wheel spin in slippery road surface, as will be locked to prevent wheel spin (spin in place). Then, the power will be distributed to the other tires that do not lose traction.
Under normal conditions, xDrive will divide engine power line between the front and rear axle, with the proportion of 40:60. A sensor was also installed to monitor the motion of the wheel, for example when the tires spin is detected, then in a matter of less than one second, xDrive will correct the distribution of power from the engine to the axle.
Turning to the dashboard, meter cluster has the letters and needles sporty character. Although the look is minimalist, yet neatness and functionality is maintained. Parts of the wide center fascia, felt further the distance between the front passenger and driver. However, the impression of width, it was not in tune with the fact that when the driver's seat moved forward, the fascia is likely to touch the driver's knee plays the bodies of at least 170 cm. Knee room (knee room) as this is beyond expectations for a big car. Presumably, the steering column packing X5 has taken a lot of space there.
Luckily, the feet of space (leg room) quite wide, as are the head of his room. To the top, roomy impression gained from the use of the panoramic glass roof (for all models). As for carrying capacity, the X5 configured five-passenger, unless the xDrive50i model, with three additional seats to haul seven people.
BMW coat every seat with quality leather. Compensate for the quality of the cabin, mounted a series of high-quality audio. A total of 12 speakers, 205 watts power amplifier follows, 6.5-inch screen, and USB sockets, fairly adequate to entertain passengers. Only, for the sake of safety, iDrive menu, which can inform the state of the car, audio controls, and telematics, can only be operated when the car is stationary. However, the LCD screen is also capable of playing DVDs, CDs, and this radio can operate at any time.
The interior also features a fallow-gam safety features: front and side airbags, side head airbags for front passengers and third-row seat and safety belt for each seat complete with belt force limiters. Headrests also feature 'crash-active headrests' (to prevent neck injury when the car was hit from behind). In the second row seats also have ISOFIX child seat. Overall, the volume of 620 liters of luggage was recorded in the state of the second row seats upright and 1750 liters when the seat is folded.
Include BMW PDC (park distance control) to monitor the front and rear cross beam as the car's parked. Tampilanya a car with a colorful screen, as well as radar graphics and sound 'beep' long. Only, its sensitivity is too high. The alarm will sound, even if the sensor detects only a reed grass on the sidewalk. But, if this feature is considered to be annoying, you can disable it via iDrive.
One thing that deserves thumbs up from this SUV, the diesel engine performance. The series of mechanical pulse may break my layman's slogan about the diesel engine acceleration. By induction turbo berkompresi ratio 16.5: 1, Press the accelerator pedal in deeply and feel as if sucking your back seat.
That sounds noisy machinery from the outside, seems to be silent and is replaced by the whirring sound while the engine tachometer needle spins fast, especially the passing rate after 1750 rpm. That's when the maximum starting torque thrown. Turbo lag does not give symptoms and speeds continue to increase over the gearshift.
Rows of six-cylinder engine plus turbo capable of producing 245 hp at 4,000 rpm and feels qualified to haul the weight of the X5 weighs 2150 kg. No wonder acceleration 0-100 kph in 8.6 seconds achieved. Torque and big power is channeled via the 8-speed automatic transmission called Steptronic. Not only that, the gear shift also feels accurate.
Only, if the gas pedal dihentak suddenly, the responsiveness of the car feels less bite. Sensors 'drive by wire' to open 'throttle body' and drain the fuel mist, as if thinking for a moment before reacting. However, after that, please just stepped on the accelerator pedal as much.
One again, this testing using Shell Diesel fuel. BMW Indonesia advises consumers to use fuel that has a class PertaDex Euro3 emission standards, so that the engine is more durable and better performance. Presumably, if the test is done by PertaDex acceleration, the X5 will be better again.
Control & Driving
A myriad of features crammed to make this car safe comfortable at once. Suspension which has undergone improvements touch now feels more soft and comfortable. However, there was also the location of his weakness. Compared to the previous X5 surface with a hard suspension, X5 actually feels a bit unsteady at high speeds.
And as mentioned, the BMW X5 xDrive adapting motion systems (systems of typical BMW AWD). This makes the X5 diesel as though never to lose traction. xDrive work simultaneously through the DSC and ABS. In normal driving, 40% energy will be channeled to the front wheels, while the rest back.
This division is not absolute because the DSC (dynamic stability con-trol) will divide again the distribution of power as needed. DSC can also put the brakes on the wheels if it feels to have lost traction. This was proved when we tested it on a wet road. Symptoms aquaplaning very little happens, meskin no puddles.
X5 capable of cornering with a sharp and accurate thanks to the rack & pinion steering system with a particle PAS (power assisted steering). Symptoms of oversteer or understeer can be minimized by controlling features such as DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), which is one part of the DSC. Steering fairly good accuracy, to maneuver at high speeds or driving in the city.

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