Meticulously Tips Facing Rainy Season

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When the rainy season, note the condition of the four parts of the car, ie wipers, electrical, legs, and air conditioning. If these four parts really cared, the car would be far from 'breaking down' even though rain washed every day, even when you are forced to confront a puddle of water. In the rainy season, car electrical consumption will increase, because the wipers, lights, and air conditioning is on in unison. If the electrical system is not good, then automatically supplies power to the ignition circuit can be reduced. If this happens, is not impossible that the car will strike.

To keep the car still excellent konsisi during the rainy season, the following tips will parse what steps you should do if the car is not breaking down and impede traffic. Pengecekannya process itself can be done easily, without having to shop.
WiperNote the condition of wiper because this component is a major tool in the rainy season. Give a focus on the rubber, if found to be brittle or cracked, the rubber should be replaced in order to sweep up. Another way to detect the condition of the rubber wiper that is with former sapuannya attention. Excellent wiper will not leave the ears of the water during the process of sweeping.
One thing to note if you want to replace the rubber wiper, look at the content of the rubber material. Containing synthetic rubber or flexible polymers have good power, making it more suitable for cars that have a curved windshield. In contrast, natural rubber is more suitable for the glass front of the car a little straighter and straighter, because rubber is a bit harsh.
Lighting and ElectricalWhen it rains, the water vapor will occur on the surface of the air. Mixed with road dust, this composition would make a pretty disturbing mist while driving. Head lamp light rays which would be very helpful driving, especially during heavy rains.
Also check the electrical system components. Make sure the batteries in konsisi good, and no cable is peeling, breaking, or sagging. The entry of water into the terminal electrical or cable connection can ignite the occurrence of short circuiting and makes the car breaking down.
The legsOne of the constraints arising from the rainy season, namely the existence of a pool of water that is high enough on the surface of the road. So far not too high (less than half a car wheel), it is not problematic to traverse. Just make sure the legs of your car, such as shockabsorber and rubber-rubber bushings, in good condition.
If shockabsorber leaking or torn rubber bushing, water will easily seep into the second component. Sooner or later, the performance of the legs will be disrupted. As a result, driving comfort will also be reduced.
Air conditioningThe use of air conditioning in the rainy season serves to prevent condensation on the windshield, because with the AC on, the cabin has a temperature equal to or lower than the outside temperature. Because there is not much difference in temperature, moisture will not appear on the windshield. Therefore, make sure the AC has enough freon, compressor is working properly, as well as lattice lines are not clogged.
CabinWhen the rainy season, sometimes in the cabin smell 'musty' (less pleasant). This problem itself arises from two things, because of damp and musty smell musty smell coming from the AC grid. Part of damp with moisture, can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. While the odor coming from AC grid could be due to a leaking freon.
In the meantime, if you want to dry the cabin or spillage of water, avoid using a hair dryer because it can damage the carpet adhesive, so the loss of adhesive power. Then use perfume as the final stage, when the cabin is completely clean or after the odor source has been cleaned.

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