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Television is a sophisticated audiovisual media. By using the two elements of strength and make the audio and visual media of television as a very expensive campaign. A 60-second impressions alone will be seen simultaneously by tens of millions or even hundreds of thousands of millions of pairs of eyes all over the world.
Programs on television has certain peculiarities that affect viewers. Thus, the audience was divided on his favorite television programs. For example, children's film event in the morning and evening reach the audience of children. Cooking shows, soap operas, and the health of mothers reach the household. And political discussion, news, detective films to reach the educated man.

What is clear is the medium of television audiovisual media aesthetics demanded that involves the senses of hearing and vision. For that copywriting for television advertisements have certain characteristics.CHARACTERIZATION OF TELEVISION ADVERTISING
Television is an audiovisual medium so that viewers can see the products advertised on television to the fullest. Thus, advertising on television has the characteristics as follows.
1. Message from the product can be communicated in total, ie audio, visual, and motion. It is able to create flexibility for workers to combine creative movement, beauty, sound, color, drama, humor, and others.
2. Advertising on television has the most complete facilities for the execution
3. Ads aired in a flash.
Consider the following television advertising. Elements of audio, visual, and motion used optimally in the ad. In addition, if not in re-we may not quite understand the ad. Moreover, if we watch it casually. That karakeristik advertising on television: just a flash of airing. To that end, the ads on television in the back many times.
The design for advertising in these media, in addition to the verbal contain advertising messages to be heard, also includes a visual (picture) to be disclosed to viewers. Therefore, the design of television advertising, includes:
1. Script that consists of two columns.
a. The left column is made to describe a series of scenes.
The left column is called a visual or video title.
b. Right column is made to explain what sound
should or will be heard at the visual display.
This script is a guide to create a storyboard.
2. Picture
Images displayed the products offered, pictures of people, cartoons, and other scenes in accordance with the course of the story contained in the script.
The design of a television ad that contains the script and the image is called a storyboard. Stor this board is a guide for the film director or director at the time of shooting carried out. The pictures in the storyboard visually describes the columns in the script. While the text (which in the storyboard is usually written under or beside the picture) depicts a column or row audio / sound in the script.
Writing the script should not be too detailed in terms of shooting technique, so as not to restrict the freedom of directors or cameramen in shooting. The pictures on the storyboard only key frames (the main image from a series of scenes)
In one second, the movie moves consisting of 24 -25 frames. Strory board may not be made to meet these demands. 24-25 The number of frames is called a normal speed for the human eye. If less than this amount, the film will be a slow-speed film (slow motion). If the accident was control of the camera's field copywriter, best discussed orally with the director.
Ideally, a television advertising copywriter - to know or learn how to make movies. He should know the basic techniques of using a camera (including his terms) in order to increase creativity in creating the movie ads. In addition, this knowledge is necessary so that later when storyboards were produced, he could understand the explanation of the director and regular communication with the cameraman in the field. Even until the shooting was edited, he was able to discuss with the film editor.EQUIPMENT USED IN TELEVISION ADVERTISING AMMUNITION
Here is the equipment to produce television commercials
1. Figures, can consist of movie stars, public figures, children, or a cartoon character that is able to support the brand image.
2. The human voice or the voice is usually abbreviated to VO.
The human voice consists of a woman's voice or a female voice which is abbreviated FVO and male voice male voice abbreviated MVO
3. Music
4. Song / jingle
5. Sound effects (SFX)
6. Visual effects
7. Super (super imposed), ie letters, text, graphics or images displayed or printed on the picture. Usually super brand name or product, company name, slogan, etc. with the intention of completing or clarifying the message.
8. Color
Consider the following ad. All equipment for the ammunition used in this ad. Also consists of human characters and cartoons.
To make the first television ad creative people to design it in the form of scripts and storyboards. Once the draft is approved by the advertiser before the ad was made in the production house.

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