2012 Solar Storm Forecast

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In Mayan manuscript known mastering astronomy and calendar systems are, on the date mentioned above would appear that large galaxies waves resulting in cessation of all activities in the face of this Earth.
Outside the Mayan prophecy that the basis of the calculation is not yet known, according to Deputy for Information Science and Aerospace Studies, Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Bambang S Tedjasukmana, a phenomenon that can be predicted emergence in around the year 2011-2012 was the storm the sun. This prediction is based on the monitoring of space weather monitoring centers in several countries since the 1960s and in Indonesia by Lapan since 1975.
Explained, Sri Kaloka, Head of Space Utilization Science Lapan, a storm occurs when the Sun appears flares and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Flare is a huge explosion in the atmosphere of the Sun a power equivalent to 66 million times the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast. The CME is a very big explosion that causes the particles burst of speed 400 kilometers per second.
Sun weather disturbances can affect the condition of cargo space to the Earth's magnetic influence, further impacting on the electrical system, which relies on transport satellite navigation global positioning system (GPS) and communication systems that use satellite communications and high-frequency waves (HF), and can endanger the lives or human health. "Because the Earth's magnetic interference, pacemaker users can experience significant disruption, said Sri.
Anticipatory measures
From the Sun, billions of particles of electrons up to the Earth's ionosphere layer within four days, obviously Jiyo Harjosuwito, Head of Research Group Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation. The impact of the invasion of the electron particles in the Earth's magnetic poles last for several days. During that time may be anticipatory measures to reduce its impact.
Anticipating the emergence of space storms, continued Bambang, Lapan is building the center of an integrated space weather monitoring system at the Center for Space Science Utilization Lapan Bandung. Object being monitored include the ionosphere and geomagnetic layers, as well as radio waves. This system will be fully operational in January 2009.
Anticipatory measures that have been done Lapan is to contact the parties who may be affected by the advent of space storms, which Dephankam, Army, Department of Transportation, PLN, and Depkominfo, and local government. Currently training for local government officials who operate the HF radio has been done long ago, now there are about 500 people who are trained to face the radio signal interference.
Bambang urged PLN to perform anticipatory steps to perform the electrical system outage in order to avoid a more severe impact. To that end, socialization should be done in public when the move will be taken.
In addition, aviation and shipping which rely on GPS satellite navigation system should be used as a manual system when a space storm happen, in guiding the takeoff or landing of aircraft.
Electron density changes caused by space weather, clear of researchers from the PPSA Lapan, Effendi, can change the speed of radio waves when passing through the ionosphere, giving rise to the GPS signal propagation delai.
These changes resulted in deviations in the determination of distance and position. In addition, microelectronics components in satellite navigation and communications will be damaged so that the life is accelerating, so that it can no longer function.
Currently Lapan has developed a planning model to deal with the use of frequency interference to HF radio communications. "Currently being prepared for the same modeling navigas field.

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