2012 Doomsday

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ALL will end. Pun of the universe. Later the news was widely last day falls on December 21, 2012. Many parties commented. Starting from the scientists, forecasters, to celebrities talk about the numbers pretty crowded 21/12/2012. Various books were published about the apocalypse, as described in the Mayan calendar.
The Center for Space Science Utilization Sri Kaloka Prabotosari said, actually "doomsday" that occurred in 2012 was the peak of solar activity cycle. It happens every 11 years. "At the time of solar activity on the sun it will emit radiations and particles and electromagnetic waves," Sri said in Jakarta recently.
From abroad, Laurence E. Joseph said in his book Apocalyopse 2012, 21/12/2012 is the annual winter solstice. At that time, the Earth's northern hemisphere are at the point farthest from the sun. All of this phenomenon theoretically would cause a number of natural disasters in adjacent time.
Uniquely, this scientific prediction was consistent with the ancient prophecies. One of them is based on the Mayan calendar civilization. Mayans are a group of people who thought to have stood since 1800 BC in southern Mexico region. From the Mayan calendar predicted, on December 12, 2012 the energy that flows from point to Earth's Milky Way will be disrupted. It happened because of shocks to the rotation of the Earth. The Maya believed that this would damage the balance of the Earth's vital mechanism. Including all the creatures of its inhabitants.
Actually what will happen to the earth on that date? Doomsday! according to the speakers, a variety of ways and sources of catastrophe that will make the earth is in a state or stop completely destroyed.
FIRST to say that on that date, the sun will cover the earth from the straight-line relationship with our Galaxy. Such position of the sun, will decide "umbilical cord" of the earth to the center of galaxies, a phenomenon that will only happen once 26,000 years and will lead to a prolonged winter disaster, or maybe even the tongue of the sun becomes very long and lick or even the surface of the earth's atmosphere and burn all the lives"You must understand, there will be nothing, nothing left," said Patrick Geryl told ABC News. "We will have to start an entire civilization from scratch." Geryl, 53-year-old laboratory worker who lives in Belgium, quit his job two years ago after he saved up enough money to be used until 2012. He's now stocking survival supplies, a list, which runs 11 pages.
SECOND is said also that on that date will be the Earth's magnetic polar reversal, either suddenly or slowly, but clearly, the north will become south, and vice versa, the sun will rise from the west and beyond. In essence, the disaster will arise due to sudden changes of gravity and magnetic fields cause a mess, wind and earthquakes, the flow of water will also be affected, and natural disasters will occur simultaneously
THIRD predicted the sun would be very unusual active and cause tremendous heat that reaches the earth, especially because our atmosphere is thinning and perforated, will only lead to a radically warming, which then can you see like in the movie The Day After Tomorrow
FOURTH one a physicist at UC Berkeley, says that 65 million years ago, a giant asteroid impact that triggered many reactions in the earth that resulted in the dinosaurs perished in a very short time and can be said almost simultaneously. According to the source of an unknown physicist named earlier, with the cycle of scientific calculations (which are also unknown process) the same events will happen in a short time, when? yes 2012 was ... O yah .. There is another theory that supports it, is the theory that Planet Nibiru is this asteroid.
FIFTH Geophysics of the Russian experts stated that the presence of interstellar energy cloud field. Cloud field energy is destructive energy balance in the composition of the solar system there are a variety of stars, and in 2012 until 2020, our solar system that will be affected by this destructive energy cloud. If you can imagine, roughly similar to the events in the movie Fantastic 4: The Rise of the Silver Surver.
In terms of spirituality and the supernatural, that date is the date that will mark the various things that would alter or remodel the life of the world, but not destruction. According to the spiritualist, the events which may occur on this date include:1. Stopping time (the earth stops spinning)2. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius3. The transition from the Silver Age to the Age of golden4. End of Times = End of the World as We Know it, the end of the world in the form of Judgement5. There will be a Galactic Wave (wave energy between galaxies) is large, which lay all the activities on this earth, including human extinction6. The change from dimension 3 to dimension 4, even 57. Human life is increased from the level of dimension 3, to 4, increased human DNA from strain 2 to 12, so that people can use telekinesis telepathy even8. Someone said it would not happen9. Some claimed the time was not going to apply, so time is not linear, but can berubah2, according to the time that we experience, the discovery arena time machine10. The discovery of a time machine and stargate11. Humans are able to transport to other galaxies, through the stargate12. The rise of the Messiah, who will save mankind from destruction13. Resurrection of Jesus USA / Jesus14. First Contact was first human civilizations with the Alien / UFO15. Humans join the community between the first galaxies, galaxy = human being.Meanwhile, according to experts who mebantah theory says: "It benar2 Ramalan2 not have any basis at all, let alone in the Mayan culture as we know," said Stephen Houston, professor of anthropology at Brown University, who is also expert Maya hieroglyphic writing. "The depiction of the virtual menyebut2 never this." He said. Mayans saw that the date is the date their calendar, but then again repeat their calendars without any catastrophes.
While the theory of planet Nibiru, the existing denial of an expert at NASA say "We wrote up to now are still arguing over Pluto, tiba2 there are people who say the planet Nibiru, from where else anyway? It's funny, we were until now not been able to find another planet, has anyone found a planet Nibiru anyway, without any confirmation of where the news came. "Which do you believe?

Source: translate from http://terbaru2012.com/kiamat-2012497/ 

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