Securing the Web from Hacker Attacks

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1. Computer vulnerabilities from viruses, spyware and malware

Ensure that the computer you use to log into the admin panel website there are no viruses, spyware and malware. It is vulnerable to happen if you use a computer in the cafe or public computer in the office and the campus library. Because many people are using the computer plug from flash / external hard drive so vulnerable to the virus.
2. Do not use any themes and plugins that come from outside wordpress directory

Currently, many developers of plugins and themes wordpress roaming in cyberspace, which is free to create and or distribute it for free themes and plugins them. If the themes and plugins are not listed in the directory wordpress, i advice is check carefully before themes and plugins are used, because many of them to install the script injection in it that if you use themes or plugins, the script was going to inject your server and planted a file in server which can be accessed for various purposes they (like the traffic, looking for cracks passwords, etc.).
3. Frequently update your WordPress CMS

Periodically, the developer always do an update wordpress WordPress CMS, so it is good to do any changes to your wordpress engine that updates come too. How to update wordpress engine can be found here
4. Make sure you use the services of a reliable and trusted hosting services

Many of us as a blogger even though the website developers who use the services of a domain and hosting services are "looking cheap", but did not pay attention to the update of the admin hosting in terms of updating data, securities, etc.. There is also a blogger / website developers more confidence in using VPS (Virtual Private Server) or even use your own server, because for easy maintenance to her. So it's up to you want to use shared hosting (reliable) or VPS, etc. ... If I personally till now still use the services hawkhost to the server
5. Cpanel and website passwords must be secure

When you create a password to get into the dashboard panel cpanel and website, I recommend that the password as complex as possible (made up of letters and numbers) make sure not known by others. This is very helpful as well so that others can not get into cpanel and admin panel of your website.
6. Setting file / folder permissions on the server

Many of us are unaware that the file / folder permissions in server must also be considered. Especially if the folder that is used to place the file upload images etc.. To find out the setting file permissions, please see here
7. And most importantly, the backup database and files on your website periodically

Steps most powerful, and very-highly recommended is diligent and database backup files of your website. We do not know anything less potent-server security and efficacy of our website, there is a gap for the aja-hackers to break into your website / blog. So find a way safe for the backup database and website files periodically. There are times when hosting parties also perform periodic backups of data but there are also hosting that does not offer these services.
Regardless of the tips I above, try looking for other references that could protect your website from hackers. There are also plugins that developers now create plugins for your wordpress security guard, can be glimpsed here or can also monitor how to secure wordpress codex wordpress on the wordpress engine.
Well, I hope the above tips useful. Greetings of Peace ... ....

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