Various Gastric Diseases

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Gastric vital role in the digestive system. Organ that is located after the esophagus is a place of destruction of food into the stomach. Furthermore, the food produced forwarded to the next process.
The food into the stomach mixes with the sap of the acidic stomach. Through the contraction movement of the stomach, food will be digested to become liquid (chymus).
Enzymes that work in the stomach is pepsin, digesting proteins. Pepsin digest collagen own duty, which is the main element of the connective tissue interselluler meat.
The process of protein digestion in the stomach about 10 - 30% of the overall digestion of proteins throughout the body.
Carbohydrates are not digested in the stomach. While fat is digested in the stomach by using lipase enzyme derived from the glands under the tongue.
A. Some diseases related to stomach:

1. = Ulcer gastric ulcer, ulcers, occurs when the stomach wall damaged by a blanket of mucus is damaged. The enzyme produced in the mucous eat small portions on the surface layer of the stomach. Diseases caused by infection with this virus causes the stomach wall cavities so that its contents fall into the abdominal cavity.
2. Colic = Pain in the stomach caused either by the stomach to digest food that is not friendly; chili or alcohol.
3. Gastritis / Maag = Inflammation of the gastric mucus.
B. Things that cause disease in the stomach:
Infected by viruses or bacteria that enter through food or beverages. Unhealthy eating patterns, irregular, often too late to eat, and eat less vegetables and fruits-buahanRitme working pressure, stress, and body condition exacerbated by a person who does not fit.Tingkat high noise. This resulted in the occurrence of fat malabsorption, inability of the digestive system to digest and absorb fat. Use of illegal drugs or drug
C. Treatment of gastric disease
Many alternatives to cure diseases related to stomach. Ranging from medicine to medicine the medical treatment of herbal medicines. In essence, all beneficial treatment from controlled and not excessive.
Here are things to watch out for people with gastric diseases:

1. Improving diet and intake of highly nutritious type. It's very good for our digestive system is always healthy and can move with undue
2. Drinking water in significant amounts, at least eight glasses a day.
3. Avoid foods and drinks that are stimulating; spicy foods and alcoholic beverages as well besoda
4. Stop smoking
5. Reduce the eating habits of chewing gum. This is because the gases produced while chewing gum stuck in the stomach
6. Reduce eating fried. Many vendors are using oil-fried foods repeatedly. This causes the cooking oil has saturated and the risk of triggering cancer cells.
7. Avoid eating in a lying position
8. Give a long pause between the hours of dinner with bedtime. Ideally three hours. This is to avoid the risk of reflax / behind, causing the heat in the middle of the chest. Acid in the stomach is full and potentially back into the esophagus.
9. Do not force yourself to eat a heavy meal

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