Subject with the Highest Unemployment Rate

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MOST people choose college majors based on the field they love or passion owned. Although sometimes there are students who choose majors because part of it.
If you have previously discussed a number of departments with the lowest unemployment rate, then this field of study that has the most unemployment. This data was obtained through a census-owned Wall Street Journal.
Here are 11 majors with the highest unemployment rate as quoted from Huffingtonpost, Tuesday (11/15/2011).
1. Clinical Psychology.Department is studying the integration of science, theory, and clinical knowledge of how to understand, prevent, and cope with psychological disorders as well as the way a person's individual self-development. The unemployment rate reached 19.5 percent of graduates.
2. Variety Arts.Field of study dropout who studied the diversity of this art accounted for 16.2 percent unemployment.
3. History of America.Of 15.1 percent of graduate field of study that studied the history of Uncle Sam's country is unemployed.
4. Science Library.Library Science subject areas taught how to organize and maintain various types of books into a library collection at school, college, or other institutions. The unemployment rate of graduates is 15 percent.
5. Educational Psychology.Psychology in teaching, the effectiveness of educational interventions, and social psychology of schools as an organization is the study of science that will be studied in the Department of Educational Psychology. The unemployment rate of 10.9 percent this department.
6. Military Technology.The field study was studying the development of U.S. weapons technology. Of 10.9 percent of graduates are unemployed.
7. Architecture.Architecture is the science that studies how to design a building by considering various aspects, ranging from security to the value of art they contain. Unemployment this field of study of 10.6 percent.
8. Industrial and Organizational Psychology.Programs are specifically studying the employees, workplaces, and organizations in order to achieve a success. The unemployment rate reached 10.4 percent of graduates.
9. Variety of Psychological Science.The unemployment rate of graduates who studied the diversity of fields of study of psychology has reached 10.3 percent.
10. Comparative Literature and Linguistics.This study examines differences in the field of two different cultures and how they communicate through the language differences. Field of study dropout rate of unemployment reached 10.2 percent.
11. Computer Security and Administrative Management.Programs of this study all matters relating to information technology (IT). Starting from the administration to determine the level of computer network security of an institution or organization. The unemployment rate reached 9.5 percent of its graduates.

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