Astronomy: NO graduates who become Unemployed

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WHO does not want to get a job after college? Did you choose the right majors and promising?
Based on census data obtained by the Wall Street Journal, a graduate of a number of courses has an unemployment rate of zero percent. It may even majors this unexpected and very surprising.
Curious? Here's a list of majors in college graduates are most widely employed as quoted from Huffingtonpost, Tuesday (11/15/2011).
1. Actuarial Science.The School is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to determine risk in insurance and financial industries. Program dropout rate of unemployment amounted to 0.0 percent of study.
2. Pharmaceutical.Students who choose pharmacy as a field of study will study the interaction between living things with chemicals in the form of drugs and side effects produced. Graduates of this department has an unemployment rate 0.0 percent.
3. Educational Administration and Supervision.These majors prepare students who want to engage in education include the administration and supervision. None of this department graduates who become unemployed (0.0 percent).
4. Student Consultants.Students who choose these majors will study how the behavior and habits of students, ranging from children through adolescence. This department has a dropout rate of 0.0 percent unemployment.
5. Engineering Geology and Geophysics.Curious how the earthquake tsunami or other natural disaster until the occurrence of the earth? Everything will be studied in this department. In fact, field of study dropout rate of unemployment was 0.0 percent.
6. Astronomy and Astrophysics.Who says the department is studying the various celestial bodies beyond Earth's atmosphere is not promising? Yet according to the Wall Street Journal data, there are no graduates of this department idle aka 0.0 percent.
7. Teaching with some level of education.Programs are designed for students who eventually want to teach at different educational levels. For example, teaching at the elementary or junior high school playgroup up until high school. Graduated from this field of study accounted for only 1.1 percent unemployment.
8. Agricultural Economics.Department is studying the management of agricultural land use economic principles. Dropout rate of unemployment at 1.3 percent this department.
9. Technician Medical Technology.The School prepares students to identify, assess, and manage the use of medical equipment. Graduates of this department who are unemployed at 1.4 percent.
10. Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology.If Astronomical discuss celestial objects outside the Earth's atmosphere, then this is the opposite direction. Atmospheric Sciences study of celestial bodies and the processes that occur in Earth's atmosphere. Meteorologists who study about the weather, majors included in this study. Graduate unemployment is at 1.6 percent.
11. Architecture and Marine Engineering.Study areas of study include design, construction, and maintenance of ships, boats, and other related equipment. Only 1.7 percent dropout this department idle.
12. Environmental Engineering.Pose as environmentalists must choose these majors. Therefore, this field of study is the application of science and engineering with the principles of natural preserve. Graduates of this field of study that the unemployment rate of 2.2 percent.
13. Nursing.Although not a doctor, a student who majored in nursing are also studying various types of drugs, use, and side effects. However, this field of study to explore how the care of people with certain diseases. The unemployment rate of 2.2 percent this department.
14. Public Policy.Understanding the process of making public policy by the government and the resulting impact in society in a country is the study of this subject. The unemployment rate of graduates majoring in Public Policy at 2.2 percent.

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