Examination before the plane take off

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First you come to bring the goods to the place to check in, after first examined using X-ray. Your goods are weighed and the excess of 5 kg. After please and seduce you do not have to pay, your goods passed. Thanks to the officer who was being kind. Did you know there are 100 people, the plane would be an excess charge half a ton, not less. If the officer reported that the excess charge must be accompanied by payment of excess bagage. The possibility that overloading was not recorded. On the other hand his own scales, whether there are periodic calibration and the time is still valid. I believe in Jakarta, and the two big cities but doubt if it is done for other areas. Overweight is a very taboo in aviation.

Once the item is raised, Mr. Pilot and other crew up. Incidentally this plane was late a few hours pack pilotpun been waiting a long time and even worse he had picked up from home early again. And if he continues his job will be working overtime. What's wrong with working a little harder, a lot of other people who work late. Wellness and fitness is one of the requirements for pilots utuma, governed by international regulations. Some pilots chose not to fly, another pilot replaced premises. What all that?. Depending on the company.
Existing aircraft ditarmac, technicians busy checking, called pre-flihgt check, especially press-2nya wind on the wheel. Sorry you please see what the last kalbrasi the pressure gauge. Then Pertamina busy refueling. SOP was before fuel is loaded into the aircraft technician must dicheck by water content. and after filling, the technician must obtain a fuel bottle is sealed and stored for a long time for evidence in case of what-2 with the plane. So no need to fill the scene accused Pertamina kepesawat water, if no one had ever hebuh. I rather doubt that the SOP is running smoothly.

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