Boeing Landing Congratulations without Wheels

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Bad memories of Polish aviation more than a year ago was almost repeated at Warsaw Airport, Poland, yesterday morning GMT (2 / 11). The airline's Boeing 767-300 LOT, Poland, was forced to make an emergency landing belly landing alias using the fuselage after the aircraft was functioning wheels berpenumpang 230 people plus 11 crew was due to interference with the hydraulic system.

Fortunately, thanks to a neat coordination and proficiency officer at the airport and the pilot Tadeusz Wrona, accidental death can be avoided. As a result, the entire people on the plane that flew from Newark Airport, New Jersey, with the aim of Warsaw it could be evacuated safely.
"The plane can land safely by using the body as an instrument landing after landing path sprayed a special anti-fire material. All the passengers can be evacuated, no one was hurt,? LOT spokesman Leszek Chorzewski told AFP.
In April 2010, thick clouds blanketed the country with aviation host Euro 2012 with Ukraine. It happened after the presidential plane carrying President Lech Kaczynski crashed in Russia. All that was in the fateful plane were killed, including the president.
The same fatal accident could have happened to the Boeing 767 owned by LOT. The plane was on fire danger because of landing without wheels. To prevent that, Wrona experienced 20 years as a pilot that was to spin for an hour on top of Warsaw for the spent fuel.
That was done to minimize the risk of fire. Meanwhile, at the airport, officers sprayed a white runway with some sort of anti-fire foam. Airports also then be closed.
In accordance with the procedure anyway, two F-16 fighter plane helped Boeing 767 was escorted to the airport. When landing, visible sparks from the engine on the wing. Once the aircraft had stopped, the passengers left the plane through emergency exits using a sled.
"The pilot managed to land the plane perfectly," said Chairman LOT Marcin Pirog said. ? Passenger could create panic. But, all can finally evacuated properly, "he said.
President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski also not miss to thank all involved in the landing operations, especially the pilot. "All has been working with full efficiency in the actual situation is very difficult," the statement quoted the president's official news agency PA Poland.
Previously, exactly October 18 last, also made an emergency landing by a Boeing 727 owned by Iran Air that flew from Moscow, Russia, at the same airport. The cause is the same, the wheel was not functioning. A total of 116 passengers survived.


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