Aircraft Technology for Preventing lightning strikes

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Aircraft is likely to be struck by lightning. But the aircraft is equipped with a static discharge system on the body, so the possibility of being struck by lightning is very small and there was a plane that was struck by lightning, only rarely occur and the impact is not great, especially with modern planes today

The explanation is this:
Lightning occurs because of differences in electric charge in the air, stepping a different electrical charge can occur between clouds in the air or from cloud to ground. Clouds or objects moving in the air, because of friction with the air, it will arise dibenda static charge that burning electricity.

Likewise, when moving aircraft in the air on the body will form static electricity, only a static discharge system installed on the plane, then the electric charge arising on the plane will soon be thrown into the air, so there may be a stepping-burning electricity / lightning from the clouds to the body minimized the possibility of the occurrence aircraft.

If the system does not work, could have a lightning strike aircraft and consequently is the start of the disruption of communications and navigation equipment until the burning plane in the air (but the incidence is very rare).

But do not worry, because static discharge system on the plane very rarely damaged and treatment is very simple, because of its shape only in the form of wire or plastic plates containing metals such as rat tail was placed at the ends of the wing or tail plane and the number to 12 or 16 pieces .

When lightning struck the plane, aluminum an electrical charge to flow along the surface toward a more tapered at the ends of the wings and tail.


 In a more pointed tip, the electric charge will terlucut a spark. That way the electric charge will not go into the plane. So, people who are in the plane would be safe from lightning strikes.

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