Why not phone use in Aircraft

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PHONSEL (HP) is active in an aircraft can interfere with the control / navigation plane, resulting in the aircraft and all passengers and crew safety is threatened.
At the present time, on a plane does not belong to the deep pockets because tariffs are relatively inexpensive and as technology advances, people can communicate quickly with ease, anytime, anywhere, including in aircraft, using Phonsel (HP).

What is HP's relationship with Aircraft?
Both are creatures of both high tech and also there is a controversy.
Full / Navigation aircraft using a series of digital electronic devices are very sentitif against frequency radio waves while the HP issuing / receiving radio waves are very strong.
An HP that are active during Transmit & position flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet radius able to penetrate a distance of 35 km below the plane (in the center of Jakarta at a radius of 35 km there is a ± 600 BTS (Base Transceiver Station), it means that in addition to disrupting the system Steering & Navigation plane, also interfere with base stations that can reach by HP.
What law should be charged to users of HP in the plane?
1. Could endanger public safety & disturb public convenience, (Basic Regulation FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
2. Violate ethical use of HP.
Babagimana we address this:
1. Make sure the HP turned off when storing the luggage suitcase.
2. Turn off the HP when it will enter the space plane.
3. Be patient, that all people know we have the HP, we are important people and rushed to pick up the car.
4. HP is turned on when entering the Terminal Building.
Here's an example case of disruption HP & other electronic devices on airplanes:
1. The aircraft flight number LX498 CROSSAIR after taking off from Zurich Airport Switzerland, impaired steering, dived and crashed killing 10 passengers.
2. SLOVENIA AIR plane made an emergency landing into Sarajevo, because HP actively interfere with navigation in the Baggage (alarm in the cockpit).
3. QANTAS 747 plane when it landed (Final Approach) at London's Heathrow Airport, suddenly tilted and climb as high as 700 feet, because the 2 CD Player, Electric Game at the active position.
4. An Arab army rank of captain flogged 70 times since turning on HP's caught in the plane.
5. A Technician English thrown in jail for refusing a request British Airways flight attendant to turn off the HP.
The following HP interference in other forms:
1. VOR (VHF omnidirectional receiver) is not heard.
2. Directions to fly off the mark.
3. HIS indicator (Horizontal Situational Indicator) interrupted.
4. Navigation System Disorders.
5. Frequency of Communication Disorders.
6. Fuel indicator disorders.
7. Automatic Steering System Disorders.
8. Compass direction of disturbance (due to Computer, CD, Games).
9. Disturbance indicator CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) for Game Boy.

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