Good Cup of Coffee

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COFFEE, the black sweet drinks can improve health and treat knee pain due to a lot of practice. A number of studies suggest that incorporate into the diet drinks coffee daily. The study also states that two cups of coffee each day can nourish the heart, reducing the risk of type two diabetes, and reduce pain in the legs especially for those who frequently exercise. Similarly, news reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). These researchers also conducted an investigation can prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

This drink is also rich in antioxidants. USDA also said that the level of anti-oxidants can be found in drinks that contain no caffeine. But, beware of adding cream and sugar as it will add calories.
Reporting from the research conducted at Harvard University, many people who refuse to drink coffee on the grounds will be harmful to health. In fact, in some recent research shows that a few cups of coffee a day can serve as a health drink and for women to maintain their weight.
Recent research also proved that the consumption of coffee will not harm but instead will provide many benefits such as a person will avoid the danger of type two diabetes.
Coffee also has benefits for improvement of the digestive system and restrain the formation of colon cancer tissue and the principal reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease.
By drinking coffee makes a person will always be vigilant and penelitia this will provide a solution for people who are easily attacked by drowsiness. However, it can not be denied that coffee could make sense of dependency and rising blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.
But, on appeal by the benefits obtained, for women who love coffee consumption are also warned to be careful because the possibility of the risk of breast cancer, colon, and bone fragility although this study can not be trusted completely. Instead, the consumption of coffee within reasonable limits.
Influence Sugar Metabolism
DRINKING a cup of coffee in the morning could help millions of people to more vibrant activity. According to several studies in the Netherlands, drinking a few cups of coffee in the accompanying person's busy these days, it is likely to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
The researchers say the component in coffee seems to help the metabolism of sugar in the body. Thus it can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, which until now has been attacked about approximately 130 million people in the world.
This study is the first study that supports the idea that coffee can actually be beneficial for the two types of diabetes. Whether as a filter, ie the type of coffee cappuccino, latte, or espresso.
Since all types of coffee contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and other micronutrients are beneficial to health.
But researchers do not know until much content of coffee which may affect sugar metabolism process in detail and how it works in detail in the fight against diabetes.
But when the researchers compared the risk of suffering from coffee drinkers with type two diabetes, found more and more a person drinks coffee may lower risk of diabetes including diabetic attacks that occur during adult patients.
An individual who drank seven or more cups of coffee a day, can lower the risk by 50 percent against the onset of diabetes. So a few cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing diabetes for people who have a tendency to suffer from diabetes.
For most people it is not bad to drink a few cups of coffee if the conditions are good people.
Consumption in the Total Fair BUT based on the study, the researchers also mentioned the need to be confirmed further by conducting advanced research on other risks that accompany the coffee. This means do not necessarily need someone to drink coffee every day in large numbers.
On the other hand some studies menunjukkn drinking too much coffee can also increase blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk of osteoporosis or bone loss in some people.
So this is an option on each individual's own to continue their coffee or not. Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by deficiency of insulin hormone, which works in the process of sugar metabolism in the body or the body's inability to utilize insulin properly.
Type two diabetes is emerging as adults is diabetes the most species attacking most of the adults, because the body loses sensitivity to the hormone insulin.
While the disease type one diabetes is a type of diabetes as a result of the patient can not produce enough insulin to process sugar in the body's metabolism. Thus require insulin injections every day.
Some people with type two diabetes can be turned into body fat. Being overweight is common and more visible symptoms, so the risk factor to the onset of diabetes can not be avoided.
Presumably there will be as many as 220 million people with diabetes in the year 2010. But the forecast is expected to miss, of course, if everyone can keep his health from an early age, especially in the setting of a good diet.

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