Indonesian-made combat aircraft

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Indonesia is currently developing 4.5 generation fighter aircraft. If the F-16 mempuyai fourth generation, American-made F-35 fifth generation, was the fourth-generation Sukhoi, then this is the type being 4.5. Making KFX fighter jet itself is actually an old project, in cooperation with the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). The project was supported by Korean President Kim Dae Jung began in March 2001, to replace older aircraft than the F-4D / E Phantom II and F-5E / F Tiger. Compared with the KFX-16 F is projected for a variety of weapons 50 percent higher, the better because of avionics systems and the ability of anti-radar (stealth).

The Korean government took 60 percent of the cost of aircraft development, a number of industrialized countries are also involved, the Indonesian government took 20 percent and 50 aircraft to Indonesia and 100 fruit to Korea. Fighter capability is later than the F-16. Total development costs for 10 years, a prototype plane designed it cost 6 billion U.S. Dollars Government of Indonesia.
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indonesia and South Korea actually conducted in 2010 and in Seoul, Korea, and by 2020 there is regeneration for both parties.
Its specification is wrong saunya type supersonic bomber and ALCM (based Yakhont Technology)
Why not PT DI Yourself?
This is much more complex than a passenger aircraft, because there are additional systems in fighter aircraft, gun control in avioniknya system, in addition to propulsion, radar systems and aircraft structures must be designed stronger but still nimble maneuvers in the air. KFX fighter designed to have a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft, which has 6 ability to
(1) fighter aircraft capability to perform extreme maneuvers to get the best position to attack (Air Combat manuverability).
(2) must be able to fly fast, so it must use technology fly-by-wire flight controls.
(3) The use of technology can trust vectoring nozzles, changing the direction of the engine exhaust jets for fighter aircraft have the ability to fly at low speeds and in a position to make a sharp turn.
(4) the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds to fly for a long time.
(5)-capable combat aircraft that track radar targets beyond the horizon or outside of visual range
(6) the ability to absorb and deflect radar beams or stealth technology
So you can imagine if PT. Indonesian Aerospace, involved in this plane, it will master the new aerospace technology for the production of at least 50 fighter Indonesian government is expected to be able to buy and finance the project as a whole. The use of new technologies in production of 4.5-generation fighter aircraft is approved for PT.Indonesia Aerospace to create your own fighter someday.
So for PT DI technologies not yet in a position to make independently. In addition to requiring large capital investments, as well, if with Korea then we will get the benefits of information technology itself and can then be developed to create your own fighter.

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