Easily Cause of Colds

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Actually in the medical world, there are no colds, according to medical terms is called bloating, excessive gas, namely the performance of the hull that produces excess gas, resulting in bloating.as traditional medicine, our parents did Kerik / scrape by using ingredients, in fact the problem is not in the digestive disaluran otot.Jadi skin or if it just scraped pain sufferers turn to rule out any sense of 'cold', so how it works similar drugs to the nervous system analgesic.Sebagai pembayang2 pusat.orang pori2 frequently scraped his skin will be ask for the width and scraped like someone who should consume more doses of antibiotics have to be impervious.

Prevention: eat and drink regularly, exercise, avoid gassy foods like cabbage / lettuce / cabbage, bamboo shoot / root bambootreatment: drinking warm water, if the traditional: drinking warm water + honey ginger, if too spicy ginger select young, if the wind refused to drink / drinking hot water directly antangincan also drink berkarbonansi stomach so the gas out.-----Perhaps the state of your workspace or environment is air-conditioned or many cooling fans .. or maybe you are traveling on a Patas AC so much that goes,,
In essence, many gusts of wind that hits your body will perlahan2 fill your stomach is empty.
Another suggestion, passable meal plus drink Banyakin ..-----Easy colds may be due to blood hb we go down, because of lack of sleep / sleep late at night. If hbnya normal, meaning you got sick magh, high stomach acid production so that the gas in the stomach too much. Try taking medication maagh.-----I think we easily catch a cold because our body stamina is declining, we sometimes do not realize because we often work and thinks it's a fatigue. When our bodies strong, we could automatically preclude any kind of disease but if we're not feeling well or unwell again, all sorts of diseases also came. I personally like catching a cold when it is lack of sleep and the body did not fit. It should also be eating right because we are so hungry ulcer filled by the wind than the food as we speak, so easy to catch cold. How to solve it, by eating the right time and keep health.

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