Linkage Ulcers and Colds

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Ulcers and colds have close links with each other. In fact, both a cause and effect of the wind imbalance in the body.
In medical terms, is not really known the name of common colds. Terms that there is a flu or cold, to show symptoms of fever. Colds occur due to the cold or the wind that causes vasoconstriction (shrinking) blood vessels in the skin.
Thus, blood flow is not providing good nutrition to the body tissues causing malaise. It is therefore often used traditional ways such as scrapings. With scrapings makes widening of peripheral blood vessels (vasodilation) so that blood flow to the network for the better and the person feels his body a little more comfortable.

In fact, the red lines correspond scrapings, not a sign of the wind out, but the rupture of capillaries in the skin edge. Not surprisingly, if some time after the scrapings, the symptoms of colds will re-occur.
The entry of air into the body can be through food such as yams, cassava, tales, carbonated soft drinks which will then burp after eating (hiccup). Consume excessive in makananpun will cause imbalance in the wind.
Once wind enters the body and is absorbed by blood vessels, blood vessels through the channel is the wind moving everywhere, there are to the head so that the head became dizzy, or to the bones, causing bones to ache and feel weak powerless.
In this case, Rasullulah been taught that when eating food is not too much. Simply 1 / 3 for food, one third for drink and one third for air or wind. Therefore, when eating, right leg bent as much as possible so that not too much food into the stomach. Which in essence, to maintain the harmony of balance wind.
If food is too much, then the stomach to work harder to swallow the food intake. Stomach acid that serves crushed, will automatically issue a more acidic. However, gastric acid control is disturbed by the wind make otomatisasinya disturbed, so that when there is no food, stomach acid came out in considerable numbers. This is called acidosis, excess stomach acid, resulting in a burning sensation in the gut as experienced by the husband's mother.
Dizziness and severe headache caused by the circulation of blood to the head disturbed. This leads to the intake of oxygen to the brain was also disrupted. The brain is one organ in the body that require lots of oxygen. If less, there will be dizziness, headache or migraine. To overcome this simple fact, when the headache attacks, quickly though in a state of prostration prayer. That is, in a state of prostration, cardiac position higher than his head, so easy to drain blood that contains oxygen to the brain.
Or, it could also compress the back and neck with warm water, so that shrinks blood vessels could widen again. Another way to perform the sequence in the neck, preferably with the use of Oil But-But. Because the oil gives a burning sensation on the skin surface but not inside. But-But oil is also very good for flatulence. But-But Apply oil around a bloated belly.
Another thing to note is while showering, do not jump into the body, but the start of the leg, then slowly climbed into the body. Similarly, when bathing junub, especially at dawn. Before ablution should be, multiply pouring into the leg, and then perform ablutions, followed by wetting the head three times. This is done in order to keep the temperature inside the body to remain balanced. Ketidakseimabangan temperature is one cause of disease. For example, in the heat and fever.
In addition, to cope with colds and heartburn, try eating rice before, take a little salt and then crushed. It was only then eat the rice as usual. No less important is a sport, a sport of blood circulation can be smoothly and quickly. So that could push the wind inside the body out.
Herba HPA yng suited to address the problem of ulcers and colds are Herba Go Wind, Oil and Radix But-But.

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